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Blast Past f r o m t h e We occasionally provide excerpts from The Great American Car Wash Story. Former ICA Executive Director Gus Trantham and veteran commercial writer John Beck wrote this book in 1994. It represents the most complete history we have found of the industry in North America. Enjoy. chaPter 44 the big boYs DiP in their toes Independent car wash operators who took their work seriously as professionals might have been both startled and disturbed back in 1972 if they had been able to read the following words contained in a confidential report being circulated by one of the major petroleum corporations: "Until now, virtually all car washes have been owned and operated by individual entrepreneurs. This has resulted in as many varieties of car wash quality and service 'image' as there have been car washes. "By launching car washes as a salaried operation with rigid standards of quality backed up by a respected national name, we are breaking with this precedent. People can now, confidently depend upon the same quality of service over and over again, backed up by a national corporation. "Car washes that have incorporated gasoline sales in the past have usually closed 68 car wash magazine | | Summer 2015 Excerpts from car wash history down during inclement weather. This has been because their chief interest has been in selling the car wash, not the gasoline. "Our concept is based upon the reverse philosophy, and units will remain open regardless of weather. It is desirable to develop this concept under direct company management so as to ensure that this full time service be thoroughly proven. "One thorn in the side of independent car washes has been the quality of the help attracted by such 'now-open, nowclosed' operations. By establishing a full time operation, this thorn can be blunted and dependable, controllable employees attracted. This results in a quality of service appreciated by customers." There would have been quite a few horrified gasps heard around the car wash world if these words had been read and weighed against the power of the source: big oil! Was the age of the independent car wash operator about to come to a crashing end? ... Actually, there was a true revolution changing the face of gasoline marketing. There was a time that service stations lived up to their names; they really were centers of all kinds of automobile service, repairs and accessory sales. But this was changing. Extensive new car warranties and improved operating efficiency were resulting in fewer calls to these "service " stations, and the

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Car Wash - Summer 2015