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ask champ... Email your questions to Champ at Dear Champ, Champ Savage is a marketing expert. It says so right on his business card. He has traveled the world bringing ideas to business owners of all kinds, and his accolades are even more numerous than his passport stamps. Now, Savage lends his expertise exclusively to CAR WASH Magazine and its readers. I'm thinking abou t redesigning my menus for custo missing when it mers, but wond comes to captur er if there's som ing their attention priced packages ething I'm and getting them . Help?! to choose the hig her How can we use signage to mak e people spend work to answer more money? A in the Marketing question we co world. You've co nstantly me to the right place, my friend. Let's take a look at the concept of choice. A supermarket averages more than 42 ,000 SK through. Obvio Us. That 's a lot usly, you don't ha of product to try ve 42 ,000 offerin a variety of optio to navigate gs for your wash ns for customer ... right? But, yo s to choose from u do have . The key is to m ake the choice sim If you have 15 m ple. inutes to spare, check out Shee Choosing Easie na Iyengar 's TE r." The professo D ta r lk of "How to Make business in the Business School management di lays out the prob vision at Colum lem of choice ov bia erload in detail. But, you wrote to me, so you m ust want a quick survey at a groc answer. Basicall ery store in Palo y, Iyengar cond Alto, which carri ucted a ed 348 varieties of jam. She set up a tasti ng booth outside patrons were 33 the store. When the booth had six percent less likely varieties of jam to stop and sam displayed. But th , ple the products e patrons who sto than if 24 varietie pped at the six-v buy jam than th s were ariety booth we e patrons who sto re six times mor pped at the 24-v e likely to ariety booth. More choices m ight capture co nsumers' attent converting them ion, but sheer va  to customers. riety is actually harmful in So what should you do about yo ur menu? 1) Cut When Proctor & Gamble cut their Head & Shoulder organization sa w a 10 percent inc s line from 26 pr oducts to 15, th rease in sales. Le e ss really is more. 2) Make things concrete If consumers ar e able to connec t with a produc to buy it. Consid t on a visceral lev er that consumer el, they will be m s spend 15 to 30 or debit card ra ore likely percent more m ther than cash b oney when using ecause of this lac plastic is a diffe a credit k of concretene rent experience ss - swiping a pi than handing th ece of e cashier a $20 bill.  3) Categorize Think back to th at grocery store with its 42 ,000 was next to sham products. Imag poo, but whole ine if the 2 perc milk and heavy ent milk cream were sto red next to mea It would be chao t. s. Separating produ cts into discrete categories prev the number of pr ents choice over oducts consum load by slimming ers have to com note the total nu pare to each ot down mber of produc her. It's also wo ts we have to ch product categor rthwhile to oose from matte ies with which we rs less than the 're presented. number of 4) Condition fo r complexity A German car co mpany that allow s consumers to found that pres completely custo enting choices wi mize their own th fewer options complex decision cars first and slowly s - such as pick building up to m ing from 56 differe more engaged. ore nt exterior car co lors - kept cons umers 72 car wash magazine | | Summer 2015

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New Techniques for Reducing the Ever-Increasing Costs of Health Care
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Car Wash - Summer 2015