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letter from the ica the official PUblication of international carwash association® 230 EasT OhiO sTREET suiTE 603 ChiCaGO, iL 60611 WWW.CaRWash.ORG +1 (888) 422-8422 iNFO@CaRWash.ORG ica staff eric wUlf ChiEF EXECuTiVE OFFiCER EWuLF@CaRWash.ORG claire moore ChiEF OPERaTiNG OFFiCER CMOORE@CaRWash.ORG carrie north DiRECTOR OF saLEs CNORTh@CaRWash.ORG megan clarK DiRECTOR OF MEMBERshiP MCLaRK@CaRWash.ORG In sports, you often hear about the concept of momentum. Generally, it's triggered by a specific moment when someone makes a big play to change the dynamic of the game ... to tip the scales in the favor of one team or another. Similar things happen in business. Whether it's the introduction of a new product, or a spike in sales, there are events that set the stage for what is to come. For International Carwash Association, this year's The Car Wash Show has all the markers of being a moment when the scales tipped in the professional car wash industry's favor. At this year's show, nearly 6,900 people gathered in Las Vegas to create an environment that was full of positivity and buzz. People were excited, people were in the mood to purchase equipment, and most importantly, people have been washing cars. This year's show also had 1,200 attendees participate in an expanded menu of education and networking events, including exclusive receptions for Women in Car Washing, International Attendees, and Emerging Leaders. It was a tremendously successful show. And with that success, we're now taking that momentum into our inaugural Car Wash Show Europe this October 5-7 in Amsterdam. We hope we'll see you there! Remember, ICA members get complimentary trade show passes to Car Wash Show Europe. In this issue of CAR WASH Magazine, we explore the challenges around the Chip and PIN changes, valuation in the car wash industry, and new techniques to reduce health care costs. We also share an amazing story from ERC Wiping Products about how they were able to recover quickly from a major disaster thanks to their disaster preparedness plan. You'll also find our usual array of industry information, professional profiles and a marketing missive from our friend Champ Savage. As always, if there is something you'd like to see covered that we haven't already or if you have a suggestion for how we can make this publication more valuable, please don't hesitate to let us know. Sincerely, Matt DeWolf Director of Marketing & Editor in Chief +1 (612) 293-4256 matt Dewolf DiRECTOR OF MaRKETiNG & EDiTOR-iN-ChiEF MDEWOLF@CaRWash.ORG mats Van mUnster CaR Wash shOW EuROPE saLEs MVaNMuNsTER@CaRWash.ORG marY smith TRaDE shOW DiRECTOR MsMiTh@CaRWash.ORG eDitorial anD aDVertising staff JUlie ahlgren MaNaGiNG EDiTOR troY wooDham PuBLishER heather mcmillen saLEs MaNaGER Jason rUPPert PuBLiCaTiON DiRECTOR laUren branin MaRKETiNG laYoUt anD Design GORDON KLassEN aDVertising sales ChRis ChiCCaRELLO, KRYs D'aNTONiO, aDaM FiREsTONE, JaNET FRaNK, BiLL LOVETT, DEBBi MCCLaNahaN, JasON RuPPERT, JaMiE WiLLiaMs, JasON ZaWaDa PUblisheD bY 5950 NW 1sT PLaCE GaiNEsViLLE, FL 32607 PuBLishED JuNE 2015/ iCW-Q0215/1885 for aDVertising inQUiries, PLEasE CONTaCT TROY WOODhaM DiRECTLY aT (352) 333-3476. © 2015 NaYLOR LLC. aLL RiGhTs REsERVED. ThE CONTENTs OF This PuBLiCaTiON MaY NOT BE REPRODuCED BY aNY MEaNs, iN WhOLE OR PaRT, WiThOuT ThE PRiOR WRiTTEN CONsENT OF ThE PuBLishER. Summer 2015 | car wash magazine | 9 http://WWW.CaRWash.ORG

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Letter From the Ica
By the Numbers
Overheard Online
Chip and Pi N Confusion?
New Techniques for Reducing the Ever-Increasing Costs of Health Care
The Car Wash Show 2015
Planning for Disaster
Motoring Ahead
What’s It Really Worth?
Wearing Too Many Hats?
Take a Tour
Wash Ideas
The Orgin of the Exterior Car Wash
Blast From the Past
Marketing Minute
Ask Champ
Download It!
Index of Advertisers
Focus on the Member

Car Wash - Summer 2015