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STUDY THIS! CONTINUOUS LEARNING DOESN'T HAVE TO BE COSTLY BY SANDY SMITH THINK BACK JUST a few years and ponder how much your business has changed. Technology has not only changed car washes themselves, but everything that supports the car wash, from marketing to management. That's why it is important for today's leader to continually learn new methods and practices. Consider this: If you started your business 20 years ago, you probably didn't have a website. If you started it a decade ago, you launched before Facebook made its way off the Harvard campus-and you certainly weren't carrying an iPhone. New laws and requirements have changed businesses, too. New methods of accounting and d new relationships with the Millennial generation. It can seem impossible to keep up. But consider the costs of not continuing to grow and learn, especially in today's business environment where the pace of change is so dramatic. Career coach Brian Tracy recommends that business leaders invest three percent of their income into education. Not for their staffs, but for themselves. That doesn't always mean going back to school to pursue an MBA or some other degree. Technology hasn't just changed the way business is done; it also has made it extremely possible to learn just about anything-without investing anything more than time. Consider this a course schedule: TODAY'S MODERN CAR WASH 427 Understanding what is happening in today's car washes is vital to help you grow your business, learn from the mistakes of others and gain a competitive advantage with new products. Reading this and other industry magazines is a great place to start. The International Carwash Association launched a series of events that will offer education and networking-both essential in keeping up with the industry. Learn more at GENERAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 101 The U.S. Small Business Administration ( includes a number of free online courses on a variety of topics in its Small Business Learning Center. The courses are completed online and most take about 30 minutes. Topics range from SUMMER 2016 | CAR WASH MAGAZINE | WWW.CARWASH.ORG 51 http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG

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Car Wash - Summer 2016