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wash ideas John Jurkens: An Uncommon, Common Man INTERVIEW BY PERRY POWELL DURING MY CAREER as a consultant, I have been able to form many new acquaintances and friendships. One of these relationships was with the son of one of the car wash industry's legends, John Jurkens. Our professional relationship extended over a lengthy period of time and I came to know other members of the Jurkens family as well. While I was doing work for one of the sons, Jeff, John passed away. My own father preceded John by about three months. Shortly thereafter, Sonny Fazio passed away. Age and death were silencing a great generation of the car washing family's voices. After the relaunch of in 2014, I had the privilege of giving a voice to John through his children, Jeff, Joel and Jill, to our listening audience. The respectful and meaningful way that the family spoke of this legend, showed that this family had car washing in it's blood, through and through. There were some particular recollections which these grown, now adult and successful in their own right, children shared with me during those interviews, which made John seem 10 feet tall. It seems he came from the same cut of cloth as other greats of his generation. John opened 13 car washes in 13 years to start his career and then built the Octopus Car Wash network into a tour de force which left its mark on the industry. This 82 interview shows that John was not only a great car washer but a great humanitarian as well, who enjoyed the respect of his family. While it is not possible in a few lines to frame the extent to which John impacted his world around him, here are a few excerpts from that interview that demonstrate the stature of the man. Perry: How did John get in the business? CAR WASH MAGAZINE | WWW.CARWASH.ORG | SUMMER 2016 Jeff: Ha, Ha. Reluctantly! As I understand it, he was in the army air corp. He had done a stint in WWII as a B-17 bomber pilot. He went to art school. Then he was called up to Korea and while he was in that war, he and his friends were about to re-up and they came up with a get rich quick idea. One guy was not going to re-up, they were going to pool their money and he was http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG

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