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DOWN LOA D IT! A roundup of top apps, audio books and podcasts for business success. APPS AUDIO BOOKS SUMMARY OF HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE BY DALE CARNEGIE JELL Price: Free with premium subscriptions available Use it to: Quickly get up to speed on what your team members have on their plates for the day and avoid time-consuming status meetings. Availability: iOS and Android EXPENSIFY Price: Free with premium versions available Use it to: Capture receipts and keep track of expenses, time or mileage. Availability: iOS and Android Author: Book Summary Length: 1 hour and 7 minutes Originally published in 1936, Dale Carnegie's four-part book has become a classic of business communication, having sold more than 15 million copies. The audio edition of the original work has a listening length of more than 7 hours. The new Book Summary version is a much shorter iteration that covers fundamental techniques in handling people, six ways to make people like you, how to win people to your way of thinking and how to change people without giving offense or arousing resentment. DIGITAL INFLUENCER: A GUIDE TO ACHIEVING INFLUENCER STATUS ONLINE TODOIST Price: Free with premium subscriptions available Use it to: Transform your traditional to-do list by adding deadlines and labels. Todoist automatically sorts your schedule by what you have to accomplish on a given day. Availability: iOS and Android Author: John E. Lincoln This practical guide to becoming an influencer in your industry will explain what influence is and how it works. It will show you how to grow your following, build credibility and develop your identity as an authority in your field. It will provide direction in how to educate yourself, create compelling content, harness the power of social media and engage with your community. It will teach you how to build an online persona that is so powerful, a simple social media update or blog post will be able to affect change in your industry. PODCASTS DUCT TAPE MARKETING Frequency: 2-4 per month Average Length: 15-20 minutes Forbes named Duct Tape Marketing one of the 100 best websites for entrepreneurs. Founder and host John Jantsch has been called the world's most practical small business marketing expert. His interviews with authors, experts and thought leaders offer variety, cutting edge technology and practical resources. Find out more: 86 CAR WASH MAGAZINE | WWW.CARWASH.ORG | THE ENTREPRENEUR'S RADIO SHOW Frequency: weekly Host Travis Lane Jenkins focuses on guests who are self-made millionaires or highly successful entrepreneurs, with the thought that high-level experts will help listeners grow their own businesses. Recent topics include creating an emotional experience for your customers, growing a thriving brand, and harnessing ingenuity. Find out more: category/podcast/ SUMMER 2016 http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG

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Employee Training Is Critical to Success
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Funding Your Big Idea
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ICA Unveils New Strategic Plan
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Car Wash - Summer 2016