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The Official Magazine of the International Carwash Association fAll 2014 Content marketing in the digital age pg. 26 Boost your business with online videos pg. 40 The rebirth of Ceccato pg. 51 Conquering the Marketing Maze

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of CAR WASH - Fall 2014

Letter from the ICA
Meet the Board
By the Numbers
Overheard Online
Does your company need a rebrand?
Expert advice
On target
Give your business a boost with online videos
What’s next?
The rebirth of Ceccato
Car wash industry loses a true legend
Mighty Wash moves quickly to shape future of car wash industry
Let your site shine
A powerful marketing advantage: Your company’s anniversary
Search engine marketing value proposition
Creating the car wash industry: An inside look
Blast from the Past
Download It!
Marketing Minute
Ask Champ
Mea Culpa!
Advertiser Index
Focus on the Member

CAR WASH - Fall 2014