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m e et th e boa r D A natural fit for car wash mike sobie is the owner of Waterworks Car Wash in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Following a 22-year career in the tool and die industry, he purchased a 10-minute oil change operation in 2002 and shortly thereafter he expanded into the car wash industry. Sobie took the time to share thoughts about his transition into car washing and his time on the ICA board. Q: You came to the car wash industry from the fast lube industry. What drew you to car washing? A: There was an opportunity - perhaps an obviously natural fit - to open an oil change and a car wash with a business partner, and we just went for it. Q: What made it a natural fit? A: Washing cars and changing oil are similar in that we are educating customers on regular maintenance of a vehicle, from engine to exterior finish. They differ in the number of daily customers, cost of services, and the fact that, especially in the Midwest, the car wash industry is very dependent on weather for business. Q: What about challenges? A: The biggest challenge was adapting to the volume of customers. You interact with a lot more customers in the car wash industry. Q: Where do you go to get ideas on how to tackle those challenges? A: Many new ideas come from fellow ICA members, other operators, manufacturers, and seeing new innovations at the car wash show every year. Plus, being a member of the ICA board has given me the opportunity to meet, interact, and do business with other wash owners and operators, allowing all of us the chance to update and streamline our own facilities and operations. Q: What is ICA doing that you are most excited about? A: In the three years I've been on the ICA board, there have been many changes - not always falling in favor of all of the members - however, the board has always maintained open discussion and voting to make those changes. Changes like teaming with the AOCA and the show in Europe this fall are excellent examples of the ICA not growing stale. Q: Why are you a member of ICA? A: I'm a member of the ICA to continue to help grow my business through meeting other operators, learning about new innovations, and finding new ways to continue to thrive in the growing and changing market. MIKE SOBIE Owner Waterworks Car Wash ExPERIENCE Tool and die industry and fast lube industry Being a memBer of the iCa Board has given me the opportunity to meet, interaCt, and do Business with other wash owners and operators, allowing all of Us the chance to UPDate anD streamline oUr own facilities anD oPerations. INTERNATIONAL CARWASH ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Gary Dennis, President Fred O'Neill, Treasurer Mark Curtis, Immediate Past President Warren Davis, Vendor Vice President Brian Gleason, Vendor Vice President Jim Mulholland Mike Sobie Richard Belanger William Gorra Haji Tehrani David Begin Carl Howard Trent Walter Mark De Graaf Jaime Harris Darrin Baum fall 2015 | car wash magazine | 11

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