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what Do YoUr cUstomers think boUt YoUr bUsiness? sales onlY tell Part of the storY By Lindsey Quick we'Ve all seen how the expectations of our customers are constantly changing. So many customers have smartphones, which means they're able to access all kinds of information in a matter of seconds. It also means that if they're unhappy with the product or service they receive from a business, they can easily locate the nearest competitor. It's more important than ever to provide your customers with exactly what they want and need in a way that works for them. You might have a general idea about what your customers want and need, but how specific can you get? Do you have documentation with direct customer quotes about what they like and dislike about your business? If you don't, you're missing out. While sales provide one way to understand if your products and services are meeting customers' needs, they only tell part of the story. Your sales let you know that something is either working or not working, depending on your numbers, but they won't tell you WHY or WHAT is working or not working. There's only one way to get that answer: feedback from your customers. whY cUstomer feeDback is so critical According to an article from Help Scout, hearing from your customers is critical to business. The average business only hears from 4 percent of its dissatisfied customers - that means you won't hear anything from 96 percent of dissatisfied customers. And 91 percent of dissatisfied customers never come back. If you made it easy for customers to share their feedback, the information you'd be able to gather and the number of future sales you might be able to save after implementing improvements is limitless. It could result a steady stream of loyal customers, who, according to research, are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. When customers have a bad experience, they don't just walk out your door and keep the bad experience to themselves; stories about bad customer service reach more than twice as many people as praise for good customer service, and it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. Wouldn't you want to resolve that negative experience before more damage is done? Creating an opportunity for customers to provide feedback - and then going the extra step to show them that you are making changes as a result - tends to result in a growth of customer loyalty. "People like giving feedback; it makes them feel valued," said Zach Goldstein, CEO of loyalty and retention marketing company Thanx. "Just the act of asking increases the likelihood of a customer to return by 7 percent, and responding to the feedback increases likelihood to return by 14 percent." Thanx tracks and rewards consumer purchase activity without additional hardware or point-of-sale integration, allowing merchants to quickly customize retention marketing for their business. "One of the challenges with feedback as it's traditionally done is that it's separated fall 2015 | car wash magazine | 17

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Letter from the ICA
Meet the Board
By the Numbers
Overheard Online
What do your customers think about your business?
False alarm
Pricing yourself into profit
Don’t hate the haters
Data security essentials
The Car Wash Show 2015 Best Booth Award
Top 10 employee handbook mistakes
IP surveillance cameras
Grit, the underlying problem for car wash owners
Stand out from the crowd
Update from ICA working group
Wash Ideas
Women in Car Wash
Blast from the Past
Marketing Minute
Ask Champ
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Focus on a Member
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Car Wash - Fall 2015