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UPDate from ica working groUP new Vehicle technologY groUP gets resPonse from forD in janUarY of this year we provided an update on the work of our operator-led working group that is focused on issues relating to new vehicle technologies. There were three primary issues: 1. Transmissions that do not allow for vehicles to remain in neutral without the engine running. 2. Vehicle sensors that engage the brakes when objects are near (e.g. "adaptive cruise control"). 3. External door lock keypads that can be inadvertently engaged. ICA, with the support and assistance of our working group, approached the North American headquarters offices of most automotive manufacturers to make fall 2015 | car wash magazine | 69

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Car Wash - Fall 2015

Letter from the ICA
Meet the Board
By the Numbers
Overheard Online
What do your customers think about your business?
False alarm
Pricing yourself into profit
Don’t hate the haters
Data security essentials
The Car Wash Show 2015 Best Booth Award
Top 10 employee handbook mistakes
IP surveillance cameras
Grit, the underlying problem for car wash owners
Stand out from the crowd
Update from ICA working group
Wash Ideas
Women in Car Wash
Blast from the Past
Marketing Minute
Ask Champ
Download It!
Focus on a Member
Top Tweets
Safety Tip
Index of Advertisers
5 Things

Car Wash - Fall 2015