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Blast Past f r o m t h e Excerpts from car wash history after muCh deBate, it was deCided to disContinue aCe per se and reVise it as a form of rePort that woUlD reach all members. We occasionally provide excerpts from The Great American Car Wash Story. Former ICA Executive Director Gus Trantham and veteran commercial writer John Beck wrote this book in 1994. It represents the most complete history we have found of the industry in North America. Enjoy. chaPter 56 from ace to management rePort While the McManis report spoke highly of the Academy of Continuing Education, it pointed out several shortcomings. It stressed especially that - as a subscription program - ACE was reaching only a small percentage of the car wash industry and only about 20 percent of the ICA membership, itself. As a result, after much debate, it was decided to discontinue ACE per se and revise it as a form of report that would reach all members. This change was announced through a letter by Gus Trantham, which is quoted here in part: "Dear ACE Subscriber: During the past 17 months, we were pleased through the Academy of Continuing Education Program to have provided you with some of the best 78 car wash magazine | | fall 2015 management aids and tips that have ever been presented to the car wash industry. We know from your comments, surveys, etc., that they have indeed been helpful to you. Now, as with any project, we are looking for improvement and looking forward to an expansion of the program. Therefore, starting in 1982, three times yearly in March, June and October you, as a member of ICA, will receive a new technical journal which will be entitled the 'ICA Management Report'. This journal will encompass not only an expansion of the Academy of Continuing Education materials that you have received in the past but also other items of immediate interest to you in the field of management of car wash operations. We are sure that you are going to be as excited as we are about the new program and the 'ICA Management Report.'" This letter was dated in the fall of 1981. So it was in the spring of 1982 that the first issue, Volume 1, Number 1, of the new publication called The Management Report had appeared. This "report" was actually a fat 60-page journal loaded with advertising from 28 different companies and carrying 10 different

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Letter from the ICA
Meet the Board
By the Numbers
Overheard Online
What do your customers think about your business?
False alarm
Pricing yourself into profit
Don’t hate the haters
Data security essentials
The Car Wash Show 2015 Best Booth Award
Top 10 employee handbook mistakes
IP surveillance cameras
Grit, the underlying problem for car wash owners
Stand out from the crowd
Update from ICA working group
Wash Ideas
Women in Car Wash
Blast from the Past
Marketing Minute
Ask Champ
Download It!
Focus on a Member
Top Tweets
Safety Tip
Index of Advertisers
5 Things

Car Wash - Fall 2015