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Qa FOCUS ON a member we actUallY test oUr eQUiPment in car washes becaUse if it Can stand up to a Car wash, it Can last anywhere. Q a any advice for successful hiring? jennifer sPears saLEs MaNaGER CaRWashCaMERas.COM KEMP, TEXas Q a tell us about your business. Q a We manufacture commercial grade cameras and recording equipment specific for the car wash industry, along with several patented items dealing with vehicle documentation systems. what do you love most about the business? Q a Our clients, hands down. They are smart, friendly, loyal and almost always a pleasure to work with. it helps that i've owned as many as four washes at one time, so i understand the industry and the challenges car washes face on a day-to-day basis. We actually test our equipment in car washes because if it can stand up to a car wash, it can last anywhere. what's the next big thing for the security camera industry? 86 Resolution. We already manufacture iP68-rated cameras that can take the wet environment along with stainless steel housings for the harshest of locations. But resolution, in this business, equates to power. The more detail you can pick up from any of your cameras, the higher your likelihood of catching people doing damage to the wash. Knowingly or accidentally, customers do things all the time you shouldn't have to pay for, so recording high quality footage is tantamount to fighting claims and apprehending vandals. car wash magazine | | Q a First, background checks, background checks, background checks. seriously, background checks. There are a lot of people who look great during an interview and have all sorts of skeletons prowling around in their closets. second, be real during an interview and know that people applying are more than likely nervous. set them at ease. i asked one person i interviewed what color M&M she would be if she had to pick, and why. it was epic. No clue what her answer was, but i remember getting a true glimpse into who she was during that question. sometimes it's the off-the-wall questions that get you the info you need to know. and yes, she's still with me. what's your secret to excellent customer service? Q a i bend over backward for my customers because i truly care about them. i want them to have a wonderful experience with our company, keep coming back, and tell their buddies, too. The car wash industry is large but tight-knit. You make one person happy, and you'll get repeat business off of it every time. Plus, to me, time is money, and i've done this for fifteen years. i know the tricks and tips to save both, and that works for everyone. what's the biggest challenge you see for business owners today? fall 2015 honestly? Protecting what they have and staying relevant in today's world. Car wash owners and operators tend to stay in the business for decades, but you have to be able to shift and adapt to a new clientele, new technology, changing neighborhood demographic, and more. You have to be able to morph with all of that and keep your excitement. Dealing with fraudulent claims and vandalism when you've never had to before can be highly damaging - monetarily, but also to your drive to succeed and love of the business. so look into companies that will stand behind you every step of the way so the biggest problem you have is what scent of little tree you want next month. Oh, and the answer to that is strawberry. i love that one! http://www.CaRWashCaMERas.COM

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The Car Wash Show 2015 Best Booth Award
Top 10 employee handbook mistakes
IP surveillance cameras
Grit, the underlying problem for car wash owners
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Car Wash - Fall 2015