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5 things Bob Klein Chief Strategy Officer Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide as i aPProach my 40th year as a marketing executive in the service industry, one simple truth has always rung true when it comes to building customer loyalty. The most loyal customers are not customers at all. They are people. People who were once brand new acquaintances and I became friends with. Some who became great friends. And, more than a few have become my lifelong business partners. In the language of romance, these are the coveted lovers of our business, whom we cherish and profit from in immeasurable ways. Acquaintances, friends and life-long partners. It's life's personal journey to happiness and fulfillment. And it's the same journey each of us is on in operating a successful service business. So, what do we know about acquaintances, friends and life-long partners in the car wash industry? A lot. In 2014, the International Carwash Association talked with 1675 of them in its proprietary national survey of the American consumer. On the surface there's really good news: 28 percent of professional car wash consumers are "heavy users," washing their vehicles once every month or more often. They represent 66 percent of total car wash count! But, what about the others? In particular, the 72 percent of pro car wash customers who are washing every couple of months or less often? Every car wash has a LOT of acquaintances. But what can we do to turn more of them into friends? And more of those friends into loyal, profitable, customers who will sing our praises and attract other friends to our business? 90 5things to imProVe cUstomer loYaltY here are fiVe frienD-making thoUghts to kinDle that romance: 1 2 3 4 5 Smother your customers in that "secret, profit-enhancing sauce." Fifty percent of your customers say that "friendly, professional employees would influence their decision to wash more often." Inspire your employees to share the love. Create a "mystery shopper" program where employees get caught making a friend by being caught in the act of delivering superior customer service. Then, celebrate them! Reward them! Get social. It's hard to fathom, but 165 million people in the U.S. currently use Facebook. Yet only 5 percent of car wash consumers heard a peep from a car wash business in 2014. If you're not being social, it's time! Money can't buy you love. The true value of washing a car isn't the price savings from a coupon. It's the emotional reward of a clean vehicle that makes us feel good. Are you certain every customer feels that way when they drive away? One final tip. The last thing most customers see is the tip jar or an outstretched open palm on their way out. How about flipping the script? A coupon for a free underbody wash (the number one value-added service customers want but aren't willing to pay more for) with their next visit? A peppermint candy? Or just a smile and handshake of thanks? car wash magazine | | fall 2015

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Car Wash - Fall 2015