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overheard W ONLINE Kohl's supports Apple Pay for store-branded cards, Walgreens headed toward support for customer loyalty cards ©WWW.ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/CHOMBOSAN e've been scouring the Internet so you don't have to. (It's possible we found the end of the Internet.) Check out these highlights from our recent efforts to find what's interesting and relevant (mostly) in the professional car wash industry! ©WWW.ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/PRYKHODOV Who needs electric cars when you can have a hydrogen car? One of the Apple Pay features touted with iOS 9 was support for new types of cards including store-branded credit cards and loyalty rewards cards from retailers. Department store chain Kohl's became the first retailer to launch Apple Pay support for its store-branded credit card, and it now appears Walgreens is preparing to follow suit for its Balance Rewards loyalty rewards program. Balance Rewards members have for some time been able to sign into their rewards accounts using the Walgreens iOS app and add their Balance Rewards numbers to the centralized Passbook/Wallet app. From there, it's been easy for users to bring up the Walgreens pass to display barcodes that can be scanned at checkout to make sure they receive rewards credit for their purchases. However, the Balance Rewards card in the Wallet app is now showing up as supporting NFC via Apple Pay. Double-clicking the iPhone home button to bring up Apple Pay cards offers access to the Balance Rewards pass, where the user is then prompted to authenticate with Touch ID and hold the phone near the NFC terminal at the register. Users can also opt to show a barcode for scanning if needed. Honda is serious about this hydrogen fuel cell thing. The Japanese automaker recently unveiled the production version of its Clarity Fuel Cell sedan, which it will begin leasing to customers in Japan in March. It's a handsome enough car, vaguely futuristic, with a hint of Tesla's Model S. But the styling is almost beside the point; the entire point of this car - an idea Honda's been kicking around for nearly three decades - is the hydrogen fuel cell, about the size of a V6 engine and stuffed under the hood, that keeps it going. That stack of cells will produce about 175 horsepower and send the car more than 300 miles between refueling stops. Automakers, especially Japanese and German automakers, love fuel cells. There's a lot to love about them. They combine all the benefits of battery electric vehicles like the Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf - zero tailpipe emissions, excellent torque - without the drawbacks of limited range or waiting around for your battery to charge. But there are some downsides, the most glaring of which is the acute lack of stations offering hydrogen. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and there are some truly renewable ways of producing it, but it is most often produced by steam reformulating natural gas, a process that spits a fair amount of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. What's more, there's not much infrastructure for moving the stuff around once it's produced. Want realtime updates? Join the conversation and see what we're sharing at any of our social media channels: @carwashorg WINTER 2015 | CAR WASH MAGAZINE | WWW.CARWASH.ORG 15 http://WWW.ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/CHOMBOSAN http://WWW.ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/PRYKHODOV http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG

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Car Wash - Winter 2015