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The Fellowship Essential Components to Scholar Rescue Photo: Scholar Rescue Fund host partners at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund receives Professional Development Grants urgent requests from international academic and human rights communities to help threatened scholars around the world. Senior researchers, professors and public intellectuals may apply directly, or fellow academics and human rights organizations may alert the Scholar Rescue Fund to scholars in need. The program responds by assessing each scholar’s credentials and immediate concerns and, after a thorough vetting and selection process, arranges visiting academic positions with safe haven partner institutions of higher learning where each scholar may find respite and safely resume productive academic work. A complete support package includes: The Scholar Rescue Fund is also able to promote scholars’ professional and academic development by providing grants to cover publication expenses, academic association memberships, and journal subscriptions. The program may also help finance registration fees and travel-related expenses for scholars interested in attending and presenting research at academic conferences. The Scholar Rescue Fund may also provide funding for language training, proposal writing, research methodologies, and e-teaching trainings. • A grant for living expenses while at the host institution • Grant-matching financial support from the host institution visiting faculty • A research or year (renewableposition for up to one for a second year) • Networking and professional development opportunities Beyond the financial award, IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund offers scholars additional support to help ensure their academic success and personal well-being. Resources are offered by the program directly or otherwise identified within the network of over 6,000 contacts at universities and partner organizations worldwide. After the Scholar Rescue Fund arranges a scholar’s academic placement at a safe and academically suitable host institution, it facilitates visas and travel arrangements, provides health insurance, offers muchneeded encouragement, and makes available specially designated assistance grants to meet additional challenges. Emergency Assistance, Family Support, and Additional Funds Generous contributions from numerous sponsors have helped scholars settle into their homes and academic communities. In some cases, the Scholar Rescue Fund helps scholars purchase clothing and household supplies, and covers extra school fees and language training programs for children and spouses. For example, when ethnic violence flared in a former Soviet republic, the program helped a scholar move his three children (ages 2, 5, and 8) to a Red Cross shelter and then assisted in the family’s journey to their host campus in the United States. Support from the Scholar Rescue Fund allowed the scholar to purchase necessary clothing for his family and beds for his children. 17 Post-Award Support The Scholar Rescue Fund dedicates financial resources and in-house expertise to assist scholars as they adjust to their new academic environments and prepare for opportunities beyond the fellowship. Together with support networks at host institutions, the program arranges public speaking engagements that serve as valuable networking opportunities for current fellows and alumni while also aiding the scholars’ transitions to new cultures, new climates, and new languages. The Scholar Rescue Fund offers support to scholars applying for other academic positions and fellowships by connecting them to professional organizations, writing letters of recommendation, and advising on application documents, including CVs, cover letters, and research statements. In addition, an in-depth post-fellowship resource guide gives scholars a comprehensive overview of opportunities in the scholars’ academic and related fields. http://www.scholarrescuefund.org

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Messages and Reflections
History of Rescue
At a Glance
Program Impact
Fellowship Recipients
Ten Scholars
Host Partners
Iraq Scholar Rescue Project
Fellowship Process
The Fellowship
Impact on Host Campuses
Visiting Lectures
Scholars at Work

IIE Scholar Rescue Fund Report: The Rescue of Science and Learning