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Impact on Host Campuses Academic Institutions Around the World Make the Work of the Scholar Rescue Fund Possible “We are pleased to have a fellow of the Scholar Rescue Fund at our institute. I think this is a win-win situation for both sides involved. It also opens a window of opportunity for the originating countries to strengthen their education and research ties with outside universities and research organisations. With this, the Scholar Rescue Fund is the nucleus for triggered additional activities that multiply the invested funds.” – Dr. Christoph Schüth, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Institute for Applied Geosciences, Hydrogeology Group, Germany The work of the Scholar Rescue Fund would not be possible without invaluable support from leading academic institutions around the world that provide safe and open spaces for scholars to continue their important academic work. Academic departments, professors, administrators, and students on hundreds of campuses have extended extraordinary professional and personal care to visiting scholars and “We at Harvard SAR are immensely grateful for IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund and for our growing and enduring history of working together to support scholars in need." –Jane Unrue, Managing Committee Member, Harvard University Scholars at Risk Program, USA “IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund makes the abstract commitment many of us have to the idea of academic freedom a daily reality for threatened researchers around the world.” –Tom Keenan, Director, Human Rights Project, and Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Bard College, USA their families as they adjust to their new communities, rebuild their careers, and regain their sense of well-being. We thank “In 2008-2009, the West African Research Center (WARC) in Dakar, Senegal, hosted two Scholar Rescue Fund scholars from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Both scholars contributed papers for discussion on panels and successfully managed to make their audience understand what it truly is to be at war and the risks run by families in war-torn countries such as the DRC. Their respective presentations were sobering moments for the young audience that attended the event. Many of the students present vowed to commit to and actively engage in any initiative likely to promote and entrench peace in their respective communities.” –Professor Ousmane Sene, Director, West African Research Center (WARC), Dakar, Senegal our partners for all they do. “Hosting a scholar was one of the most meaningful things I have done during my 30 years in international education.” –Michael Clarke, Executive Director, International Center, Southern Methodist University, USA “Our participation in the Scholar Rescue Fund program has brought our students into contact with a scholar and a perspective that no other format could provide.” –Susan Carvalho, Associate Provost for International Programs, University of Kentucky, USA Photo: University of Cape Town, South Africa 18 http://www.scholarrescuefund.org

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Messages and Reflections
History of Rescue
At a Glance
Program Impact
Fellowship Recipients
Ten Scholars
Host Partners
Iraq Scholar Rescue Project
Fellowship Process
The Fellowship
Impact on Host Campuses
Visiting Lectures
Scholars at Work

IIE Scholar Rescue Fund Report: The Rescue of Science and Learning