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Messages Incoming Chairman, Scholar Rescue Fund President and Chairman, Institute of International Education 66 countries have been considered during 55 Selection Committee meetings. Cumulatively, over 697 fellowship grants to 457 scholars from 48 countries have been awarded. The Scholar Rescue Fund has arranged for scholar placement at more than 270 host institutions in 40 countries and has developed The Institute of International Education has been rescuing scholars since 1919. In the 1930s, the illustrious American broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow, then IIE’s Assistant Director, led IIE’s successful effort to save hundreds of European scholars from Nazi persecution. Regrettably, our efforts waned after the Second World War because we lacked a permanent fund and the permanent resolve to address the blight on civilization known as academic repression. Thanks to the vision and generosity of the Scholar Rescue Fund founders, for the past ten years we have been back in full operation, saving the lives and careers of many hundreds of academics and their families. Sadly, scholar rescue is a growth industry. With Henry Jarecki as our Chairman Emeritus, and with the continuing support of our wonderful donors and friends, I shall endeavor to lead the Scholar Rescue Fund to expand and continue to raise the level of our performance, with one essential goal: to provide support and safe haven to the finest scholars, whenever and wherever they are in trouble. I am honored and humbled to be asked to fill the very big shoes of the Scholar Rescue Fund Founding Chairman Henry Jarecki. I promise that I will do my best to make him and all of you proud. Mark A. Angelson a network of 550 safe havens at universities and colleges in 45 countries that have committed to protecting academicfreedom. In 2007, the Scholar Rescue Fund launched the Iraq Scholar Rescue Project with support from both the private and public sectors, in response to the Scholars around the world are threatened with violence, imprisonment, surveillance, censorship, and even death as a result of their academic status and work. Since our founding in 1919, the Institute of International Education (IIE) has worked to protect students and scholars in danger. Ten years ago, IIE established the Scholar Rescue Fund with seed funding from several IIETrustees, the Ford Foundation, and George Soros’ Open Society Institute.That year, the Scholar Rescue Fund awarded fellowships to 14 scholars from 11 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America.These scholars were persecuted for reasons including ethnic, religious and political issues, as well as for the content of their teaching and research.The Scholar Rescue Fund also established its fellowship principles: the program would respond to the most senior, most threatened scholars in the world from any country and any field and provide them with a one-year fellowship – renewable for up to one additional year – of up to $20,000.The Scholar Rescue Fund would also find a host university, anywhere safe in the world, to match the fellowship and welcome the scholar into their academic community, so that he or she could continue without interruption to write, think, conduct research, and teach. large scale emergency threatening the intellectual capital of Iraq. The United States Government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation were two of the most instrumental partners in establishing the Iraq Scholar Rescue Project. The project has rescued over 250 threatened scholars – an effort of historic proportion that brings to mind some of IIE’s most dramatic endeavors. The Institute and the Scholar Rescue Fund remain devoted to the development of Iraq’s academic future and have committed to re-building higher education in Iraq by conducting ground-breaking conferences in Amman and Erbil on best practices in higher education. The 10-year anniversary is an occasion to reflect on what we have accomplished over the past decade. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to thank all of those who have made this possible. Foremost among the leaders to thank is the Scholar Rescue Fund’s Founding Chairman, Dr. Henry G. Jarecki. After 10 years of service, Dr. Jarecki will become Chairman Emeritus and turn over his duties as Chairman to the very able IIE Treasurer and Trustee Mark A. Angelson. We welcome Mark and thank him for stepping into this very important role. We also thank the many donors, funders, and friends who have made our Since those early days, the Scholar Rescue Fund Photo top left: Mark A. Angelson, Treasurer, IIE Board of Trustees, Chairman, IIE Scholar Rescue Fund Photo center: Allan E. Goodman, IIE President and CEO, and Thomas S. Johnson, Chairman, IIE Board of Trustees. work at IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund possible. Thanks has reviewed more than 4,000 inquiries from 102 to all of you, there will always be a place to which countries. Due to the diligent and dedicated work of threatened scholars can turn for support and safe the Selection Committee, 900 full applications from haven in times of crisis. Allan E. Goodman Thomas S. Johnson

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IIE Scholar Rescue Fund Report: The Rescue of Science and Learning