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Dear Fellow ISTAT Members,
The last few months have been a busy time for ISTAT, with
the 33rd Annual Americas Conference in Phoenix in March and
ISTAT Asia - the sixth such Asian conference, held in Tokyo on
17-19 May. Attendance once again set record numbers as well.
ISTAT Americas 2016 was a resounding success based on the
feedback we received from the membership. The largest conferMarc S. Allinson,
ISTAT President
ence, it had a record of over 1,750 attendees, with the JW Marriott
providing great Southwestern ambience and plenty of space for networking. Our
receptions for new and younger members and for IAWA members were well attended
and will be repeated at future ISTAT events. It was also a pleasure to honor our colleague John Leahy of Airbus with the ISTAT Award and to have Steven Udvar-Hazy
and Doug Parker present to introduce John.
ISTAT Asia was another tremendous success with record-breaking attendance, a fresh
agenda, and awesome venues for networking events - proof that Asia continues to
be a hotbed of action for aviation business.
We now have an incredibly busy schedule of events available for the membership over
the remainder of 2016. First, there are two great member benefits available during the
Farnborough Airshow. On 11 July, we will hold our ISTAT Reception at the JW Marriott
Grosvenor House, and from 11-16 July, members are invited to use the ISTAT Chalet at
Farnborough. The Chalet has proven to be a very useful tool for ISTAT members, with
nearly 1,100 visits in 2015 at the Paris Air Show. Again this year, your ISTAT Chalet
Chairman and ISTAT Treasurer, Doug Runte, has worked hard to provide the coolest air
conditioning and the best ice cream bars! In addition, on Sunday, 17 July, ISTAT will
host 25 children from Shooting Star Chase (
at the Chalet.
ISTAT Europe returns this year to the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, Spain on 25-27
September. The conference committee has an outstanding schedule of events planned,
which now annually tops 1,200 attendees. ISTAT Europe has also seen a growing
number of spouses attending our receptions and outstanding evening events.
On the heels of a very successful first ISTAT Latin America Forum in 2015, we are
returning to the Hilton Panama for a second year, with our Forum and networking
event to be held in Panama City on 9 and 10 November. If you are active in aviation in Latin America, you won't want to miss this event! Watch for further details.
Finally, on December 7th, we will hold six ISTAT Holiday Receptions around the
world - in Tokyo, London, Dublin, New York, Miami, and new this year: Hong Kong,
home to ISTAT Asia 2017.
I trust you share with me the recognition that ISTAT is more than simply a conference organizer - we are an industry member organization, and your Board seeks to
provide as many valuable events as possible to enhance your business. On behalf of
all the hard-working ISTAT Board Members and our Executive Director, I hope you'll
join us at as many of these events as possible.
In the meantime, please enjoy this issue of Jetrader. You will find many articles
on industry topics, including an update on the Asia-Pacific market, a feature article 
on aircraft part-outs, a profile of one of our ISTAT Foundation students, and recaps on
ISTAT Americas and ISTAT Asia.
Have a great summer, and I hope to see you at Farnborough or ISTAT Europe
2016 - or even both!

Julie Wichlin
Executive Director
Ben Barclay
Operations Manager
Cynthia Cortis
Conference Director
Crystal Ligda
Marketing Manager
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Jetrader - Summer 2016

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Jetrader - Summer 2016

A Message from the President
O&A: Tom Doxey, Allegiant
More Used Parts Take to the Air, Recycled Through the Secondhand Market
Alliances - Made to be Broken
The Balancing Act - Record Profits and Uncertain Futures: Reflections from ISTAT Americas 2016
Growth in ISTAT Asia Continues
Securing the Future: A Profile on ISTAT Foundation Student Andre Fansi
Turkey: Drones Now and in the Future
Avation History
Aircraft Appraisals
ISTAT Foundation
Advertiser Index
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