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attendance at and number of our conferences and events. In just the time since
I joined the Board in 2010, membership
has more than doubled to more than
4,000 individuals and several hundred
corporations. Attendance at our conferences has also grown, from about 1,000
at ISTAT Americas in 2010 to nearly 2,000
at ISTAT Americas in 2017. Perhaps more
importantly, the Board has continued to
emphasize the "I" (for "International")
in ISTAT by growing both ISTAT Europe
and, particularly, ISTAT Asia. Over the last
10 years, attendance at ISTAT Europe has
increased from 250 to more than 1,500,
while Asia has grown from a small handful
of people in a Beijing conference room to
an expected 800+ at ISTAT Asia 2017 in
Hong Kong.
It's taken a lot of work by ISTAT
Directors, Conference Chairs, ISTAT staff
and many dedicated members and volunteers to achieve this growth and success. I'd like to extend my thanks to all
these individuals, as well as to our many
sponsors who contribute so generously
to ISTAT. What's particularly impressive
to me is that this conference growth and
the introduction of many new events for
members has been achieved without an
increase in membership dues or in our
base conference fees in many years. I'd
like to finish my term in two years with
this record of cost control intact.
JT: What are your plans for ISTAT during
your term as president?
DR: I am a strong believer that ISTAT
is an organization that exists first and
foremost for the benefit of its members.
I intend to continue and further emphasize that focus during my term. ISTAT is
dedicated to providing the highest quality
and best value education and networking events for its members, offering an
industry-leading Appraiser program and
investing in the future through the ISTAT
Foundation. While our events may have a
surface similarity, I think ISTAT is very
different from the often very expensive,
for-profit aviation conferences that many
of us still attend. ISTAT doesn't try to
generate a profit; we produce our conferences and events to provide the highest
quality to our members at the lowest possible cost. In addition, ISTAT allocates
a portion of our revenue each year to

the ISTAT Foundation  - a contribution
that has grown alongside the growth of
the organization. In 2017 alone, ISTAT
will donate nearly $700,000 to the ISTAT
Foundation for scholarships, educational
grants and other charitable initiatives.
Since 2010, ISTAT contributions to the
ISTAT Foundation have totaled nearly
$3 million, providing hundreds of scholarships and life-changing grants. That's
something we can all be very proud of as
ISTAT members.
Going forward, I would like to significantly expand our presence and membership in Asia. We have increased our
membership in Asia significantly in the
last several years, but our membership
in both North America and Europe is
still far larger than in Asia. I'd like to
see the geographic distribution of our
membership come closer to matching the
geographic distribution of the aircraft
backlog, which we all know is skewed
towards Asia. Finally, I expect that
the ISTAT Board will spend a considerable amount of time over the next two
years looking for ways to further improve
our Appraiser Program to ensure that it
remains the industry-leading standard that
it is today.
JT: What accomplishments are you
most proud of during your time on the
ISTAT Board?
DR: Over my several terms on the Board
and with the support of many others, I
have spearheaded the introduction of a
number of member services that have since
become ISTAT fixtures - Sporting Clays
at ISTAT Americas, the ISTAT Women's
Networking Event in conjunction with
IAWA, the Post-Parties at each major
conference, the annual ISTAT Holiday
Receptions at major aviation centers
worldwide and, of course, the ISTAT Air
Show Chalets in Paris and Farnborough.
The Holiday Receptions have been a particular success. What I first proposed as
a New York and London event has since
expanded to seven worldwide locations
with nearly 2,000 attendees globally. In
aggregate attendance, it's now one of the
largest events ISTAT hosts. Most recently,
the Board has approved a motion that I
made to provide complimentary conference and event registration to longstanding ISTAT members who are between jobs

12 The official publication of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading

and meet certain conditions. What more
appropriate time to offer members in need
access to ISTAT's unrivalled networking
I'm also particularly proud of an initiative that I developed with the assistance of former ISTAT Executive Director
Ron Pietrzak - Charity Day at the ISTAT Air
Show Chalet. Each year, ISTAT hosts a group
of children and their families from a local
children's hospice at our chalet. Our chalet
contractor, GES, and the air show organizers
themselves provide a great deal of support,
even arranging for the air show pilots to
come visit the kids in the chalet. Many of
our ISTAT corporate members add to the
experience by generously donating airplane
models and other items to the gift bags we
provide to the children. It's a wonderful
day for the children and their families.
Several kids and parents came up to me,
unprompted, and thanked ISTAT for providing what each described as "one of the best
days of [their] life."
JT: Outside of work, what holds your
DR: While I wouldn't call them hobbies,
I have two teenage boys, David and Max,
who take up a lot of my time in a very nice
way. In my free time, I am an avid runner
and marathoner. I typically run 1,500-2,000
miles per year, and target three or four
marathons per season, including the New
York and Boston Marathons. I also love
scuba diving, cycling, clay target shooting,
opera, travel and visiting art museums - a
pretty broad range of interests. I'm somewhat embarrassed to say, given my time in
aviation, that I am not yet a licensed pilot.
It's something I hope to do at some point
in the near future.
JT: Any final thoughts?
DR: As a member organization, ISTAT is
always looking for input from our members to help introduce new initiatives
and make our existing activities better.
We are also actively looking for members
willing to volunteer to help organize our
growing number of events. Please reach
out to any ISTAT Board member (look for
someone with lots of silly ribbons at an
ISTAT conference or event), our Executive
Director Julie Wichlin, or to me personally
at our newly introduced presidential email
address -


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