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Jeff Knittel (left) moderates the Lessor CEO Panel on Tuesday afternoon.
Speakers included (l-r) Hiroshi Nakanishi, MCAP; Peter Barrett, SMBC
Aviation Capital; Robert Martin, BOC Aviation; David Power, Orix Aviation;
and Rich Wiley, Jackson Square Aviation.

ISTAT Asia committee members Peter Huijbers, regional head of commercial,
Hong Kong Aviation Capital and Anthony (Tony) Diaz, president, CIT
Aerospace, Commercial Airlines, with event co-chairs David Swan, chief
operating officer, SMBC Aviation Capital and Steven Townend, chief
commercial officer, BOC Aviation.



ISTAT had come to Japan and recognized the importance of
that market.
The committee had this in mind when strategically planning
its first event in Japan. “The Asia market will continue to be
the region with the highest growth in air travel and demand for
aircraft. It is the area of most activity for many ISTAT members
and will eventually overtake Europe and the Americas in terms of
air travel,” Swan said.
One factor that has driven success at the conferences is the
ISTAT formula of reasonable pricing, numerous opportunities for
networking and high-class speakers, providing good value for the
investment of attending. That value seemed to have been recognized
and appreciated by attendees. An on-site survey showed that 87
percent of attendees would attend another ISTAT Asia conference,
based on their experiences at the event.
The keynote address from Osamu Shinobe, president and chief
executive officer, All Nippon Airways, was one of the most-attended
sessions. Shinobe discussed All Nippon Airways’ expansion into
international operations, their investment into low-cost airlines,
and the restarting of 787 and the importance of that aircraft to
their growth.
The Financiers Panel on Monday afternoon was also popular.
Discussion centered on the Japanese Operating Lease structure, how
that may evolve and who the big players will be in the future.
66 percent of attendees surveyed on site concurred that volume
in the JOL/JOLCO market will increase significantly or somewhat
in 2013 compared to 2012.
The final and most-attended session was the Lessor CEO Panel
on Tuesday afternoon. Topics of discussion included consolidation
among the leasing companies, optimal ownership structure for leasing companies and fleet strategies. 69 percent of attendees voted
that banks will increase their ownership role in the lessor market
and 92 percent voted that lease financing will play a larger role in
financing Asian airlines, according to an on-site survey of attendees.
The event closed with a spectacular gala event and entertainment sponsored by SMBC Aviation Capital.
For more information on upcoming ISTAT events, visit

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