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Jetrader is a bi-monthly publication of the International
Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT). ISTAT was
founded in 1983 to act as a forum and to promote improved
communications among those involved in aviation and
supporting industries, who operate, manufacture, maintain,
sell, purchase, finance, lease, appraise, insure or otherwise
engage in activities related to transport category aircraft.
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Steven Townend
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Jack Feir (Appraiser Fellow, Administrative Director,
ISTAT International Appraisers’ Program)
*These individuals are not certified appraisers.
Todd Freeman
Warren Willits
Past Chairman
Jep Thornton
ISTAT President
Joe Ozimek
Immediate Past ISTAT President
Douglas W. Runte, CFA Vice President/Treasurer
Ron Pietrzak
Executive Director, ISTAT
Julian Balaam
Robert Convey
Mark Dunnachie
Dana J. Lockhart
Ron Pye
Rod J. Sheridan

from the

Jep Thornton, President
International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading

Dear Fellow ISTAT Members,
The third annual ISTAT Asia conference, which took place in Tokyo, Japan,
11-14 May, exceeded expectations. We had a record attendance of 425 attendees,
a 40  percent increase from ISTAT Asia 2012. With the membership of ISTAT growing in Asia, and especially in Japan, it was appropriate that we held our Asia
conference in Tokyo. This dynamic city was enjoyed by all, and the impressive
attendance included a number of Asian airlines, as well as senior executives from
many international ISTAT member companies. We should all thank the co-chairmen
of the conference, David Swan and Steven Townend, and their committee members
for all their hard work planning the conference. We look forward to next year’s
ISTAT Asia event.
By the time you read this, many will have had the pleasure of attending the
ISTAT Paris Air Show Reception at Palais Brongniart in the heart of Paris as well
as the ISTAT Paris Air Show Chalet at Le Bourget. We are happy to have been
able to move the reception into the center of the city, which is more convenient
for everyone.
In the meantime, your ISTAT headquarters team and board of directors are
hard at work with new and exciting features for members at upcoming conferences
and events. With the recent increase in membership and conference attendance,
rest assured that the ISTAT leadership is always looking for ways to improve your
conference experience.
We look forward to seeing you at the Paris Air Show and at ISTAT Europe on
6-8 October at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, Spain.
I wish everyone an enjoyable summer.

Robert Brown
Damon J D’Agostino
Mary Ellen S. Jones
Michael Platt
Murrae Ross-Eskell
Marco Sterk

Ron Pietrzak
Executive Director
Ben Barclay
Operations Manager
Cynthia Cortis
Conference Director
Alyssa Anfuso
Marcia Daudelin
Senior Marketing Manager
Jetrader • July/August 2013 3

Jetrader - July/August 2013

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A Message from the President
Q& A: Up Close with DVB Bank SE
Boeing’s Twin-Aisle Strategy Emerges with Customer, Financier Support
The Last Merger?
ISTAT Asia 2013
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