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To date Pratt & Whitney has run more than
14,000 cycles and 6,000 hours of testing across
the PurePower PW1000G engine family.
The design of the PW1400G engine for
Irkut's MC-21 airplane family continues
to progress on schedule. The PW1400G
utilizes the overall engine design of the
PW1100G-JM. Irkut is planning its first
flight in 2015 with entry into service
in 2017.
In January 2013, Embraer announced
it would become the fifth aircraft manufacturer to select the PurePower PW1000G
when it chose the PW1700G and PW1900G
engines as the exclusive power for its
new second generation of the E-Jet aircraft family. Pratt & Whitney anticipates
the PW1900G and 1700G engines will be
certified in 2015 and 2016, respectively.
Embraer expects program launch later this
year and entry into service is planned
for 2018.
"It's exciting for our employees to
see these products progress into production engines that fly while delivering
on the promises of reduced noise, fuel
consumption and emissions-just as we
said we would seven years ago," said
Bob Saia, vice president, Pratt & Whitney
Commercial Development Programs. "With
more than 4,700 orders to date including
firm, options and unannounced orders, it's
clear our customers are very confident in
our geared turbofan engine architecture.
We are committed to providing the most
cutting-edge technology available today.
Our engine is real, our technology is fully
matured and the initial model is certified.
We are very pleased with our progress
and the market recognition. More than 50
customers have  selected the PW1000G to
power the new airplanes."
To date Pratt & Whitney has run more
than 14,000 cycles and 6,000 hours of testing across the PurePower PW1000G engine
family. This testing includes 630 hours of
flight testing, more than 8,000 cycles of
dedicated endurance testing pushing the
engine over red line speeds and temperatures. In addition to conducting bird strike
testing at approximately 230 mph, testing
has included tough icing conditions in a
dedicated cold weather test facility in
Manitoba, Canada.

The PurePower PW1000G will provide
operators with up to a 20 percent reduction
in cash operating costs with savings in fuel
consumption, maintenance costs, as well
as noise and emissions fees for potential
savings up to $1.5 million per aircraft, per
year compared to current best-performing
engines of similar thrust. This includes:
* Up to 16 percent engine fuel burn reduction, which has a direct positive impact
on CO2 emissions reduction.
* 50 percent reduction in nitrogen oxide
(NOx) emissions.
* 75 percent reduction in noise footprint,
which is also environmentally friendly
and allows longer hours of operation in
airports that operate under curfew.

Designed for Maintainability
Simply put, the PurePower PW1000G
engine family was designed with maintenance in mind right from the start to help
lower customers' cost of ownership. Fewer
parts equals less cost: When compared
to a conventional two-spool turbofan,
the PurePower PW1000G geared turbofan
engine has 60 percent fewer airfoils and
up to six less stages of life-limited parts
The engine's Fan Drive Gear System
(FDGS) is designed to be transparent to
operators, with no life-limited parts and no
special on-wing maintenance requirements.
The FDGS has demonstrated excellent durability and reliability with more than 9,000
hours and the equivalent of 80,000 takeoffs
made during testing conducted to date.
As the PW1500G PurePower engine
approaches entry into service, Pratt &
Whitney has developed technical service
manuals with more than 1,000 maintenance
procedures available in a state-of-the-art
formatted Interactive Electronic Technical
Publication to support engine maintenance
in revenue service. Additionally, Pratt &
Whitney has prepared a training engine
to be used to train airline personnel in
maintaining and operating the PurePower
PW1500G engine. Upon its entry into service, Pratt & Whitney will provide technical
support sessions for initial customers to

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help ensure propulsion systems are flawlessly integrated into their fleets. Pratt &
Whitney field representatives and in-house
experts are ready to provide world-class
support to PW1500G customers.

PureSolution® Services
Aftermarket Support
Pratt & Whitney's vision is to not only
deliver a great engine on day one but
to make sure its benefits are retained
throughout the engine's life cycle. That is
the underlying foundation of PureSolution®
services. This MRO offering has been
designed with heavy input from operators,
lessors and engine maintenance providers.
Engines maintained under PureSolution
will be managed and monitored by Pratt's
technical experts who will have advanced
diagnostic tools at their fingertips. This
will lead to the highest levels of reliability, time on-wing and retention of the
fuel burn benefits from shop visit to shop
visit. PureSolution services offers a wide
menu of options for operators to select
from, including various payment plans,
spare engine coverage, LLP protection and
return condition options. To date, a vast
majority of PurePower PW1000G customers
has also selected PureSolution services at
point of sale.
For those customers who prefer to do
their own maintenance and fleet management, Pratt & Whitney is committed to
providing outstanding support, service and
guidance 24/7 through its Global Operations
Center. Simply put, dependable engines by
dependable people.

The Future is Geared
The revolutionary technology and proven
results of the PurePower PW1000G architecture have already been recognized by
global airframers. Bombardier, Mitsubishi
Aircraft Corp., Airbus, Irkut and Embraer
are among the leading-edge airframers that have selected the PurePower
PW1000G to power their next generation
jets. Dedication to building a power plant
of the future is absolutely necessary for
21st century aviation. With the PurePower
PW1000G ready to take to the skies, that
future is gearing up right now.
You can keep up with the latest PurePower
PW1000G engine news and information at

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