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LAST WORD Living on the LAKE By: David Arnason I Interlakepulse * www.interlakepulse.com f you grew up in Gimli you will be haunted by Lake Winnipeg for the rest of your life. You will not be happy living without the sound of water, the cries of gulls, the thunder of waves and the howling of wind. Other towns' beauty will be measured by their similarity to Gimli. Oceans can affect people as well, but oceans have a limited repertoire. They have really only one season, one voice, one limited palette. But I've probably gone too far with that image. I've claimed more for Gimli than I can possibly sustain. It's not just Gimli. It's water in all of its forms. There is something 36 about water that affects and infects human imagination. People who live along rivers cannot imagine a decent life without rivers. Rivers become the metaphors that organize their lives and their memories. Rivers flow, they bend, they turn back on themselves. They bring things and carry them away. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that you can never enter the same river twice. The river you step into has already left you behind in its wanderings. Lakes and rivers are inevitably tied to the marshes that surround them. Whatever the imaginative power of lakes, they are always fed and drained by rivers, but when the http://www.interlakepulse.com

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The Jewel in the Interlake’s Shining Crown
Bird Escapades
Destination Wedding
Wild Eats – Tasty Treats
Living on the Lake

2016 Interlake Pulse - Spring/Summer