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t he monitor news The AOC held its 52nd Annual Symposium and Convention last month in Washington, DC. The symposium theme explored the evolving relationship between cyber and EW operations, and many speakers addressed this topic from various perspectives. Following are some of the points made by keynote speakers and presenters during the event: * Gen John E. Hyten, commander, Air Force Space Command, opened the Symposium as the first keynote speaker and immediately zeroed in on the symposium theme. He stated that EW is a mission and cyber is a domain. He then asked: How do you integrate EW in the cyber domain? * Air Commodore Madelein Spit of the Royal Netherlands Air Force and assistant director of the Joint Air Power Competence Center (NATO's air power think tank), gave a keynote speech about the EW challenges in NATO. In her talk, she discussed NATO's success stories in IR countermeasures and the challenges faced by the coalition in developing better RF countermeasures capabilities. * Neil Kacena, vice president of Technology Innovation and Strategic Pursuits at Raytheon, kicked off Session 1 of the symposium with a discussion of the shift from "old think" to "new think." He talked about shifts from industrial-based warfare to information-based warfare, the transition from the Second Offset Strategy force structure to the Third Offset Strategy force structure, and the evolution from platform-centric effects to cross-domain kill-chain capabilities. * Lt Col (Ret.) Wayne Shaw provided a trade-off analysis of stand-off jamming The Journal of Electronic Defense | January 2016 AOC CONVENTION WRAP-UP: FOCUS ON THE CYBER AND ELECTRONIC WARFARE RELATIONSHIP 15 vs. stand-in jamming using the EC-130H Compass Call and MALD-J as examples against a generic 200-nmi-range threat. More important than the actual result (which was a near tie between the two) his analysis looked at the various factors that contribute to effective support jamming operations, including risk to the force, collateral damage, operational flexibility, electronic battle damage assessment, and utilization rates. * In his keynote speech, Dr. Mark Maybury, vice president and chief technology officer of The Mitre Corp., looked at EW and cyber from a technology perspective. He said that EW and cyber have converged and the playing field between the US and its potential adversaries is leveling fast due to the rapid development of networked commercial technologies. He also said that EW and cyber experts must join forces and that the EW and cyber disciplines need to converge. * In summarizing the Defense Science Board's (DSB's) 2014 report, "21st Century Military Operations and a Complex Electromagnetic Environment," DSB Senior Fellow, Dr. Robert Stein, noted that the report's authors believe the US can "reduce vulnerabilities in select critical areas over four to five years," though it's going to take $1.5 billion-plus per year in extra spending to achieve that. Because those at the highest levels haven't been paying attention to EW information, there's little recognition of how the digital software world is changing the paradigm for EW, Stein said. The creation of the EW EXCOM will enable those with clout to pay attention to what needs to be done to create a 21st century EW enterprise, which is critical to retaining US superiority. * In his keynote address, Dr. Tom Kennedy, CEO of Raytheon, remarked that we are at an opportune moment to re-energize and re-invest in EW. "We need to be prepared, as there is no such thing anymore as a kinetic attack without EW and cyber elements. We must use multiple domains to exploit the threat's weaknesses," he said.

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