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The Royal Swedish Navy's five VisbyClass corvettes have been fitted with an
Israeli-sourced laser warner system to
provide a detection and countermeasures
cueing capability against laser threats.
The hitherto undisclosed upgrade,
observed by JED during a recent visit
to Karlskrona naval base, has involved
the installation of Elbit's Enhanced
Laser Warning System (ELAWS) suite.
Covering the 0.5- to 1.6-µm wavelength
window, ELAWS is designed to provide
warning and identification of threat laser activity including laser designators,
rangefinders, beam riders and dazzlers.
A total of eight ELAWS detector
heads have been fitted onto each VisbyClass vessel to provide full 360 degrees
of coverage. These comprise three heads
ranged along the side of the vessel port
and starboard, a single forward-facing
unit above the bridge, and another unit
affixed to the superstructure facing aft.
The Visby-Class corvettes, which
were commissioned between 2002 and
2015, are already equipped with Rheinmetall's Multi-Ammunition soft-kill
System (MASS), with launchers fitted
port and starboard behind exit apertures in the forward superstructure. The
spin-stabilized Omni-Trap decoy round
associated with MASS includes a laser
obscurant payload. - R. Scott

Implementation of the Block IV capabilities will significantly enhance
platform and crew survivability in potentially hostile environments against
infrared (IR) missiles and enable stateof-the-art data and beyond line of
sight (BLOS) communications thanks to
the installation of Link 16, providing
computer-to-computer data exchange
capability and wideband SATCOM. The
selected defensive aids subsystem based
on Miysis DIRCM includes a two-turret
configuration with five Hensoldt AAR60 Block 2 MILD missile warning system
sensors. The contract requires Leonardo
to deliver an unspecified number of systems to protect the fleet of 14 CP-140s in

service with the RCAF over a 24-month
period. The AIMP Block IV enhancements' initial operational capability is
set for December 2019, while full operational capability is planned for June
2021, according to DND's released data.
Launched in 2013 to satisfy both
UK national and export requirements,
the Miysis DIRCM integrates Leonardo's
lightweight pointer-tracker and Type
160 multi-band fiber laser. The system is
designed to provide complete detection
and protection and is capable of all-aspect (spherical) defense in a twin-turret
configuration for even large fixed-wing
transport platforms, such as the Airbus
A400M. - L. Peruzzi

The Journal of Electronic Defense | January 2018

The Canadian Department of National
Defence (DND), through its contract with
General Dynamics Mission Systems - Canada, has selected Leonardo's Miysis Directed Infra-Red Countermeasure (DIRCM)
system for installation on the Royal Canadian Air Force's (RCAF's) CP-140 ISR/ASW
aircraft as part of a defensive aids subsystem within the Block IV's Aurora Incremental Modernization Program (AIMP).


❍ Australia has announced the sale of
18 F/A-18A/B "Classic" Hornets from
the Royal Australian Air Force to
the government of Canada. The aircraft were to be retired from RAAF
service by 2022 to make way for the
F-35A Joint Strike Fighter. The deal
is pending negotiation of terms and
export approvals, but transfer of
the first two aircraft is expected to
occur beginning in the first half of
2019, which is in line with deliveries
of the first two Australian JSFs at
the end of 2018. The Australian F/A18A/B aircraft are believed to use
ALR-67(V)3 radar warning receivers
and ALQ-126B jammers, as well as
ALE-47 chaff/flare dispensers. It is
not clear if some or all of these EW
systems will be part of the deal. In
addition, Canada is continuing to
seek additional aircraft of similar
age and design for its current CF-18
fleet, which will allow for quick
integration with minimal changes
to platforms, training or infrastructure. The country had already

made additional investments to
extend the life of their F-18s; however, Canada had instituted specific
structural modifications that it will
apply to the additional aircraft.
The aircraft will be flown by the
Royal Canadian Air Force at 3 Wing
Bagotville and 4 Wing Cold Lake.
❍ Peru, which had previously pursued attempts to add signals intelligence (SIGINT) capabilities to the
two Fokker 50 aircraft the country
acquired from the Royal Netherlands
Air Force in late 2014, is revisiting that effort. Peru's Agency for
Procurement Purchases of the
Armed Forces is seeking bidders for
a SIGINT capability due after press
time in December and scheduled to
be awarded three days later. The
country plans to spend $24.9 million
acquiring the system. The previous effort seemed to suffer because
responders to the initial tender did
not comply with requirements for
documentation, the description of
which was unspecified. a


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