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The Journal of Electronic Defense | January 2018


beyond the co-sponsored three-day
ing General of U.S. Army Pacific, reconference. Allied participation returned as the keynote speaker, and
mained strong with 28 Allied military
challenged conference participants
personnel from Australia, Canada, Jato look for ways to integrate IO, EW,
pan, New Zealand, Republic of China
and cyber into MDB. GEN Brown in(Taiwan), Singapore, and the United
troduced MDB at the 2016 AOC Pacific
Kingdom participating.
Conference, where he emphasized the
From the AOC perspective, the 6th
information component of MDB operations and the "cognitive dimension,"
Annual AOC Pacific Conference set
of military operations. (3) Starting
a new standard of excellence. AOC
off the second day of the conference,
President, Lisa Frugé-Cirili praised
MG Patricia Frost, Director of Cyber,
the Hawaii Chapter, for providing
Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff,
the highest level of volunteer supHeadquarters, Dept. of the Army,
port to the annual conference and
provided participants with a clear Major Noe presents a scholarship to University of Hawaii
for taking the lead in planning and
view of the Army's current efforts student Jonathan Kutsunai, accompanied by Malia Peters,
executing the event in support of
to reconstitute EW capabilities and UH Director of Scholarship Development, and Dustan
USPACOM J39. AOC President FrugéHellwig, Director and Chief Technical Officer at Chesapeake
organizations, to continue building Technology International, the scholarship sponsor.
Cirili also honored past Hawaii AOC
capabilities/training/orgaChapter Past President, Lt Col, USMC
nizations, to rejuvenate military deception, and to integrate
Ret. Tom Smythe, who served from 1977-1980. Lt Col Smythe
these capabilities into operations. MG Frost also highlighted
attended the morning session on 17 October, and also witthe need for kinetic/maneuver subject matter experts to attend
nessed the installation of new officers exactly 40 years after
symposia and conferences that are focused on the non-kinetic
he assumed duties as Chapter President. Lt Col, Ret. Smythe
effects and capabilities.
extolled the important role the AOC plays in sustaining profesOver the two days of unclassified discussion at the Army's
sional development for the military and to support discussion
Hale Koa Hotel at Fort DeRussy, AOC Pacific Conference particion doctrine, concepts, and force structure and encouraged
pants received 2 keynote addresses, 17 presentations, and one
participants to join.
panel discussion. The co-sponsored conference then moved to
The Conference benefitted from exceptional support of its
HQs, USPACOM at Camp H. M. Smith, Marine Corps Base Hawaii,
14 industry sponsors - the highest level of sponsorship in the
for classified discussions, where participants received an adsix-year history of this event. Several industry sponsors took
ditional 10 classified briefings, and had the opportunity to
advantage of the exhibition hall, and set up their booths to
participate in five different, classified, break-out sessions.
interact with conference participants and senior leaders. In
Senior leader remarks were delivered by Dr. George Ka'iliwaii
addition to the exhibits, industry sponsors provided several
III, Director of Resources and Assessment USPACOM J8, and Mr.
experienced subject matter experts who supported the agenda
Jay Kistler, Director, Electronic Warfare and Countermeasures,
with 8 presentations over the three day conference. Industry
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense. In addition to
partners consistently reported being very satisfied with the
these presentations and breakout sessions, USPACOM J39 held
level of interaction with conference participants throughout.
bi-lateral engagements with Allied counterparts throughout
The 6th Annual AOC Pacific Conference set a record for the highthe day.
est level of industry attendance as a perFollowing the co-sponsored conference,
centage of overall attendance.
USPACOM held a fourth day of discussions
at Camp Smith open to Australia, Canada,
New Zealand, and the United Kingdom,
ADM Harris key note address to the
which started with another 4 classified
2017 LANPAC Symposium, Honolulu, May
presentations followed by discussion on
24, 2017. See also, Sydney J. Freedberg Jr.,
real-world operational problems of mutual
"Army Must Be Ready For Multi-Domain
interest. This was the most productive opBattle In Pacific 'Tomorrow'," Breaking Deerational problem-solving event since the
fense, January 31, 2017.
start of the conference series. In addition
ADM Harry Harris, comments at LANto these programmed events, the influx of
PAC Symposium, Honolulu HI, 25 May
senior industry, Allied, and DoD leaders re2016.
sulted in several productive official visits
Speeches-Testimony/Article/781889/lanand meetings on the margins of the conpac-symposium-2016-role-of-land-forcesference. The bilateral engagements with
Allies, visits, and classified operational
GEN Robert B. Brown, remarks as the
problem-solving events are components Lt Col Ret. Tom Smythe, Hawaii AOC Diamond
key note speaker at AOC Pacific 2016, Fort
Head Chapter President from 1977-1980,
of the PACOM IO Symposium that extends addresses the symposium.
DeRussy, Honolulu HI, Nov 8, 2016. a

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