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or more than a decade, the Electronic Warfare (EW) Community
has led an energetic discussion about the need to recognize the
Electromagnetic Environment (EME) as a distinct operational maneuver space. Many European nations have embraced this idea, and NATO
has adapted its EW doctrine accordingly. In the US, the DOD's 2017 EW
Strategy explicitly asks if the Department should recognize the Electromagnetic
Spectrum (EMS) as a major warfighting domain. It is an important question that
needs to be answered. If the answer is "yes, the EMS is a warfighting domain,"
the DOD will stand a better chance of identifying and understanding how it
must re-focus and adapt in order to continue dominating in this maneuver space
in future conflicts.
The DOD EW Strategy asks the critical EMS Domain question, but the wrong
people are being asked to provide the answer. Unfortunately, most of the DOD
stakeholders who are being invited to weigh in on the EMS Domain question represent the Services. The Services organize, train and equip forces, but they do
not actually fight. It is the combatant commands (COCOMs) that are responsible
for warfighting. They are the ones who actually own the true operational challenges in the EMS and who have to plan for and solve them.
It may sound trite, but the Air Force does not have a serious operational problem in the EMS Domain. Nor does the Navy, the Marine Corps or the Army. Yes,
each Service must provide forces that can operate effectively in the EMS. But
each Service mostly thinks about its own forces operating in the EMS - think of
it as "intra-operability." The Air Force, for example, doesn't spend a whole lot of
time worrying about how Navy or Army forces are going to maneuver in the EMS,
even though they fight alongside each other. However, the EMS is an inherently
Joint warfighting domain, and interoperability and Joint EM Battle Management
are operational responsibilities that fundamentally rest with the COCOMs.
There is a reason (a bad reason, in fact) why the COCOMs and the Joint Staff
are not weighing in on the EMS Domain debate more heavily. The COCOMs and
even the Joint Staff are shockingly thin on EW staff, expertise and experience.
There just aren't that many EMS Operations (EMSO) billets at any of the COCOMs
or on the Joint Staff - certainly not in proportion to their operational responsibilities for the EMS. When they need deep EW expertise, the COCOMs rely heavily
on the Joint EW Center (JEWC) under US Strategic Command. The JEWC has done
an admirable job of meeting this demand with support units, such as deployable
Electronic Warfare Planning and Coordination Cells. However, this JEWC support
has also masked serious structural EMSO shortfalls within the COCOMs and the
Joint Staff. Those shortfalls become more apparent when the DOD leadership
turns to the Services to answer an important question, such as whether or not
the EMS is a warfighting domain, when it is the COCOMs who own the actual
responsibility. - J. Knowles

The Journal of Electronic Defense

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