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The Journal of Electronic Defense | February 2014


The UK Royal Air Force (RAF) has
lost its dedicated Suppression of Enemy
Air Defences (SEAD) capability following the retirement of the Air-Launched
Anti-Radiation Missile (ALARM) at the
end of 2013.
British Aerospace Dynamics - later
folded into MBDA - was in July 1983
contracted to develop ALARM to meet
Air Staff Requirement (ASR) 1228 following a head-to-head competition
with the Texas Instruments AGM-88
High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile.
ALARM made its combat debut in the
1991 Gulf War, with more than 120
missiles fired, and was subsequently
used in support of NATO's Operation
Allied Force over Serbia and Kosovo in
An ALARM seeker mid-life update
saw an improved anti-radiation homing

seeker enter service in the early 2000s
to address the increasing sophistication of threat radars and anti-radiation
countermeasures. This enhanced version of ALARM was employed by RAF
Tornado GR.4 aircraft during operations
in Iraq in 2003.
The UK has no known plans to acquire a follow-on defense suppression
weapon, but has in the past examined
stand-in jamming as a potential SEAD
capability. Selex ES has completed a
capability concept demonstrator program for a sovereign stand-in jammer
payload, while the Raytheon AGM-160B
Miniature Air Launched Decoy (MALD)
has previously been identified as the
preferred stand-in jammer delivery vehicle. However, the stand-in jammer has
to date not been funded as an acquisition program. - R. Scott

Schiebel and Selex ES have successfully integrated and flown the latter's
SAGE 50 electronic support measures/
electronic intelligence (ESM/ELINT)
payload on board the Schiebel's Camcopter S-100 unmanned aerial system
Flight testing, conducted in December 2013, marked the first flight of SAGE
on board a UAS platform. Follow-on
demonstrations of Camcopter S-100 and
SAGE to potential customers are now
planned worldwide.
Developed by Selex ES to meet demands for radar-band electronic surveillance, signal analysis, threat
classification and precision emitter geolocation, SAGE is a digital ESM/ELINT
system using parallel wideband and
channelized digital receivers to achieve
enhanced sensitivity, fine frequency

measurement and very high probability
of intercept in the 2- to 18-GHz frequency range (with options for C/D and K
band extensions). The receiver architecture provides for instantaneous emitter
detection and ELINT-grade measurement accuracy.
A key feature of SAGE is the ability to geo-locate from a single platform. This is achieved by the use of
advanced algorithmic techniques and
high accuracy interferometric direction finding arrays, yielding angleof-arrival measurement accuracy of
typically 1-degree RMS.
SAGE 50, as the lightest variant of the
SAGE product family, was demonstrated
on board the Camcopter S-100. SAGE 50
has been scaled to meet the size, weight
and power constraints of small and tactical UAS platforms. - R. Scott


❍ Turkish EW systems manufacturer
Aselsan and Turkish Airlines' service provider THY Teknik have
signed a memorandum of understanding that outlines plans to integrate Aselsan's EW, ELINT and radar
systems onto aircraft. The purpose
of their collaboration is to improve
integration of electronic systems
onto special mission aircraft and to
reduce dependency on foreign aircraft integration providers.
❍ Raytheon has won a $70 million
contract to support its Advanced
Countermeasures Electronic Systems
(ACES) in service with Iraqi, Moroccan
and Egyptian F-16 programs. The
Foreign Military Sales contract was
awarded by the US Air Force.
❍ The Republic of Korea's (ROK's)
Administration (DAPA) announced
in late December that a new electronic intelligence (ELINT) pod is
operational on its F-16 fighters and
a new EO/IR collection system will
also be operational soon. The ELINT
and EO/IR pods were developed by
the Agency for Defense Development
(ADD) from 2007-2013 under a 79.6
billion won contract (about US$73
million). In announcing the news,
DAPA released an image of the 4to 5-ft-long ELINT pod, which is
attached to the centerline of the
F-16 belly about four feet back from
the engine intake. According to a
statement from DAPA, the ELINT
pod features "ultra-wideband signal, high-precision direction finding and multiple-signal digital
analyzing technology."
❍ Russia is upgrading its PANTSIR-S
(SA-22 Greyhound in NATO terminology) air defense systems to defeat
UAVs, according to Russian news
outlet RIA Novosti. The upgrade
has already started, according to a
Russian military official, and the
system is also being modified to
operate in the harsher conditions of
the Arctic region. The new system,
dubbed Pantsir-SM, is expected to be
operational by 2015. a


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