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integrated EWS includes Elettronica's
Nettuno 4100 wideband jammer, which
features a solid-state active array and
multibit DRFM with Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology. The
system provides instantaneous wide
field-of-view electronic beam steering
covering up to 360 degrees in azimuth
and 50 degrees in elevation with the implementation of scalable configurations
to protect different vessel types or provide for graceful degradation in case of
system failure.

A radar jamming module on a FREMM.
(SIGEN image)

The Journal of Electronic Defense | February 2014


Another French shipbuilder, Construction Mécaniques de Normandie
(CMN), is working with Airbus defence
and space group and Ineo Defense on
a single compact and lightweight mast
known as the C-Mast. Incorporating a 3D
(or 2D) TRS-3D search radar, a RESM and
CESM, all provided by Airbus defence
and space group, together with Thales
Artemis IRST and navigation radar, the
C-Mast is proposed by CMN for its new
family of stealth Combattante corvettes
and OPVs.

The Marina Militare (Italian Navy)
has recently initiated a feasibility study
of an integrated modular mast, intended
for a soon-to be launched program for a
new class of "dual-use" multirole oceangoing combat patrol vessels called Pattugliatore Polivalente d'Altura (PPA).
These ships, which will replace a range
of frigates, corvettes and OPVs, and form
the backbone of the fleet, are planned
to be delivered beginning in 2018. The
new integrated mast also is foreseen
to equip the last two (of eight) FREMM
frigates that are expected to be ordered

in 2015, as well as the Navy's future amphibious ships.
With a projected displacement of
around 4,000 tons, the PPA will have a
modular combat system and flexibility
to accommodate a range of systems and
materiel, allowing the Italian Navy to
conduct both military and disaster relief missions. Known as MITOS (Modular
Integrated Topside Structure), the newly
launched feasibility program phase for
an integrated mast is coordinated by
the service's naval electronic and communication development and support
center and involves Fincantieri shipbuilding group and its CETENA R&D
center, Finmeccanica's Selex ES defense
electronics company, Elettronica, IDS
(Ingegneria Dei Sistemi) and Italy's IT
universities consortium. Equally funded by the Italian Navy and industry
under the national military research
program, MITOS aims to develop, build, test and qualify
a prototypic topside modular
structure and its interface
with the platform over a fouryear period subdivided in two
phases. The first phase, which
has recently been funded with
€4 million, will look at integrating nationally-developed
sensors and systems, including
radars, IFF, IR/electro-optical,
communications and EW suites.
The study will examine different solutions and systems to
populate the new mast in order to enable the Italian Navy to select the most
mature package for the new ships.
The MITOS program also will incorporate the results of an on-going Selex
ES self-funded UNIMAST program, which
also involves Elettronica. It will also
leverage results from the Pyxis (compass in Latin) R&D program (involving
Fincantieri, Selex ES, IDS, small-medium
enterprises and Genoa university bodies) to analyze and develop innovative
solutions for the integrated mast structure and materiel. Under the UNIMAST
program, Selex ES is developing a family of integrated masts (UNIMAST 300,
200 and 100), among which UNIMAST
300 features a complete range of AESA
radars, incorporating GaN (C-band) and
GaAs (X-band) transmit/receive mod-

ules, EO/IR sensors, radio communications and SATCOM, and a complete ESM/
ECM suite.
Selex ES is developing a four-fixedphased-array version of C-band 3D MFRA
(Multi-Functional Radar Active) primary
anti-air warfare radar used by FREMM
frigates for medium-long range air surveillance, volume search and missile
guidance for surface-to-air missiles; a
completely new four-fixed-phased-array
2D/3D X-band radar for low-level, fastattacking threats, such as sea-skimming
supersonic missiles; a non-rotating
phased array IFF; a 360-degree panoramic IR/EO system; an integrated communication subsystem with planar and
conventional antennas, including SATCOM and datalinks; and a complete EW
suite, being developed by Elettronica,
that will include radar ESM/ECM and
communications ESM.

Selex ES's Unimast family. (Selex ES image)

The EW suite is based, according to
Elettronica, on a customized version of
the Virgilius integrated EW system. The
latter is a fully digital, network capable,
modular and integrated ES-EA system,
characterized by an architecture based
on dynamic allocation of three main
functions - threat awareness, surveillance and jamming - by a resource allocator, allowing for a software defined,
all-in-one solution, which represents
the natural evolution of the company's
experience on the Horizon and FREMM
programs. The Virgilius active segment
leverages the Nettuno radar jamming
architecture and latest generation solid-state jammers with DRFM and phased
arrays. Although the UNIMAST solution is portrayed as "an integrated mast
based on federated systems," more inte-


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