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world repor t SELEX ES TO STUDY ENHANCED ACTIVE DECOY FOR SHIP DEFENSE The Journal of Electronic Defense | February 2015 24 Selex ES (Basildon, Essex, UK) has been awarded a £1.2 million contract by the UK's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) to conduct a risk reduction study assessing the performance of an upgraded version of the Royal Navy's (RN's) Mk 251 Active Decoy Round (ADR). The Enhanced Active Decoy Round (EADR) would leverage previous Selex ES research into a nextgeneration airborne Expendable Active Decoy (EAD), which was developed under an earlier technology demonstration program. The compact, lightweight EAD, which includes a DRFM-based Techniques Generator (TG), is now in the prototype phase. The MK 251 ADR is part of the RN's "Outfit DLH" decoy system, a rocket-launched RF seduction decoy that deploys an I/J-band jammer payload suspended beneath a parasail. The Outfit DLH's launch control system automatically computes the optimum engagement geometry, selects the best-placed launcher, programs the correct RF jamming response, and determines the best position from which to execute the firing sequence. According to DSTL, the EADR risk reduction program, to be conducted over nine months, "will increase confidence that the proposed solution will deliver the required capability." And, "it will provide evidence to assist the MOD decision whether to go ahead with the Enhanced ADR procurement and to assess the potential of the EADR and its ability to mitigate a capability gap on current and future surface platforms." - R. Scott L-3 TRL TECHNOLOGY TO SUPPLY UK MEDIUM WEIGHT ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE CAPABILITY L-3 TRL Technology (Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK) has won a contract from the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to provide UK forces with a modular and scalable land and littoral tactical EW solution able to support expeditionary operations. The company submitted a bid for the "Medium Weight Electronic Surveillance Capability (MWESC)" requirement in early 2014, as did Chemring Technology Solutions' Roke Manor Research (Romsey, Hampshire, UK), Selex ES (Basildon, Essex, UK), and Communications Audit UK (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK). According to L-3, its solution is based on the company's Military Off The Shelf (MOTS)-networked tactical EW capability, which incorporates a fully-integrated range of fused sensors and effectors, providing capabilities for electronic support measures (ESM), electronic attack (EA), integrated EW command and control, and secure IP-based communications. Its Modular Electronic Warfare System (MEWS) forms the basis of the ESM component of the overall solution, which is supplemented by situational awareness software technology provided by product partner QinetiQ (Farnborough, Hampshire, UK) - R. Scott IN BRIEF ❍ Turkey's Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) has issued a request for proposals for a stand-off jamming system. The program, known as GÖLGE (which roughly translates to mean "shadow" or "silhouette"), includes many aspects, such as procuring the system, integrating and installing the system into the host platform, as well as spares and integrated logistical support. The scope of the contract also includes constructing barracks and buildings where the system will be maintained. Proposals are due February 23. The program point of contact is Erkmen OZCELIK, Project Manager, phone 00 90 312 411 95 28, e-mail ❍ An advanced electronic warfare suite, developed by India's Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE), a Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) laboratory specializing in avionics and electronic warfare systems for combat aircraft, flew for the first time last month onboard the "Tejas-PV1" Light Combat Aircraft (LCA). The EW suite comprises both radar warning and jamming capabilities, which Ms. J Manjula, OS and Director DARE, noted is the first Indian fighter aircraft to be so equipped. "It has the capability for both radar warning and jamming using a Unified EW Technology, and over the coming few months, (we) will be scheduling further sorties to evaluate the system in various signal scenarios." It is expected that the DRDO will also be supporting development of advanced EW systems for other Indian Air Force (IAF) combat aircraft such as the MIG-29, Sukhoi-30 Mk1, and Mirage-2000. Indian Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar, has repeatedly noted that by upgrading the IAF's Sukhoi-30 MKI fighters with new EW suites, the platform would become a viable alternative to buying 126 Dassault Rafale aircraft for the country's stalled Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) requirement. ❍ Through a subcontract from shipbuilder Saab, Exelis (Morgan Hill, CA) has been awarded a $17 million contract to provide Swedish submarines with the latest model of its ES-3701 ESM system. According to the company, the ES-3701 uses a circular array interferometer antenna to provide precise direction finding over a 360-degree azimuth and at high elevation while maintaining a 100 percent probability of interception. "Through digital technology and modern signal processing, the system intercepts, measures and identifies complex signals, (including Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) in dense RF environments even in the presence of interfering signals." a

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