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REPORT FROM THE INAUGURAL MARINE CORPS SPECTRUM MANEUVER WARFARE CONFERENCE 2015 By Muddy Watters and Mark Schallheim The Journal of Electronic Defense | February 2016 46 Marine Aircraft Group - 14 (MAG-14), the Association of Old Crows (AOC), and the Marine Corps Aviation Reconnaissance Association (MCARA) hosted a two-day classified conference at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, October 28-29 that focused on areas and technologies that would help the Marine Corps transition from a single-platform emphasis on electronic warfare to a system-of-systems approach employing ground and airborne sensors to "win" the battle in the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS). The conference chairman, Muddy Watters, CEO & Founding Partner, Dark Horses Consulting and AOC Board of Directors member, coordinated planning with multiple US Marine Corps (USMC) Principals, as well as other military, government, industry and academic partners to create this meaningful collaborative discussion opportunity in support of USMC Electronic Warfare (EW) as they embark on an evolutionary transition in EMS and cyberspace operations. There were 24 speakers, and nearly 300 participants, with approximately 65 percent of the attendees being active military. The theme, "Addressing the challenge of employing a system-of-systems approach to gain EMS and cyberspace superiority" specifically addressed the USMC reconfiguration and refit to meet the vision of Expeditionary Force 21. The USMC understands that freedom of movement in the electromagnetic spectrum and cyberspace is the key enabler to 21st century military operations, and one of the critical challenges when developing these capabilities is integrating and synchronizing EMS and cyberspace operations. Presentations addressed such topics as integrating the F-35 Lightning II, current and planned Unmanned Arial Systems (UAS) and ground-based EW and signals intelligence (SIGINT) platforms to employ gamechanging technologies, such as the current and planned Marine Aircraft Group Task Force (MAGTF) Systems of Systems (SoS) approach to take full advantage of vulnerabilities and opportunities in the EMS and cyberspace. Throughout the conference, the "Elephant in the Room" was the retirement of the USMC EA-6B Prowler in 2019. Keynote speakers at the conference included, LtGen Jon M. Davis, Deputy Commandant for Aviation, Headquarters Marine Corps; MajGen H. Stacy Clardy, Deputy Director for Force Management, Application and Support, J8, JCS; and Col Eric Aus- tin, Commander, MAG-14. Muddy kicked off the conference by setting the stage from USMC EW aviation history from 1952 VMC 2AD, 1977 EA-6B's to a 2020 SoS of F-35 (ASQ-239), UAS, Intrepid Tiger II, Radio Battalion integration with airborne systems, CESAS and CREW. General Davis, stressed that we are looking at Fires (EW, Cyber or kinetic). He also emphasized that, although the Prowler changed the way we fight, there is no single replacement for the EA-6B; "we need a SoS approach with multi-mission systems." MajGen Stacy Clardy, stated that it was "appropriate for this conference to be at Cherry Point," and that "EMS warfare is the operational center of gravity." Maj Gen Ken Israel, USAF (Ret.) and last year's AOC President, stated that "Simply said, for raw emotion and operational focus, this was the best AOC Conference of the year." The conference was broken out into sessions to stimulate dialog on: Marine Corps vision and emerging doctrine; future threat, ground and air capability requirements; Cyber Electronic Warfare Coordination Cell (CEWCC) and EW training. The afternoon of the last day consisted of four "Government Only" break-out working groups that addressed the challenges the Marine Corps faces as it moves forward with a ground and air "Capability Centric" SoS transition to meet USMC Expeditionary Force 21 vision: (1) Complexity of SoS Training requirements; (2) SoS information interchange requirements; (3) UAS requirements and profiles; and (4) Transition Issues (timeline, programs, platforms, etc.). A key conference take-away is that future USMC EMS and Cyberspace programs will utilize a Spectrum Services Framework that will enhance battlefield management of the EMS; as well as a family of EMS and EW systems and subsystem capabilities that can be rapidly upgraded to meet constantly varying Electromagnetic Environment (EME) and evolving threats. The conference also included tours of the ICAP III simulators, a flight line static display featuring an F-35 demonstration system, RQ-7B UAS, Intrepid Tiger II, Marine Corps ground EW platforms, an EA-6B and an EA-18G. In addition, MCARA held a 2-day (30-31 October 2015) VMAQ/VMCJ Reunion, and celebrated the 40th Anniversary of VMAQ-2 at MCAS Cherry Point. a

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