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c ale ndar confe re nc e s FEBRUARY & trad e s hows MARCH Singapore Air Show February 16-21 Singapore DIMDEX March 29-31 Doha, Qatar 18th Annual Directed Energy Symposium March 7-11 Albuquerque, NM AFA Air Warfare Symposium February 22-26 Orlando, FL FIDAE March 29-April 1 Santiago, Chile DixieCrow Symposium 41 March 22-26 Warner Robins, CA Fourth EW International Conference India (EWCI 2016) February 22-26 Washington, DC APRIL 45th Annual Collaborative EW Symposium April 5-7 Pt. Mugu, CA DEFEXPO March 28-31 South Goa, India AAAA Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit April 27-30 Atlanta, GA Control the Spectrum! 1 MHz - 18 GHz Gapless Spectrum Monitoring, Simultaneous Recording of Wide & Ultra-Wideband Signals & RF Playback. RFvision-360 DTA-3380 Tunable Transceiver (1 MHz - 6 GHz, 80 MHz BW) 8 DTA-9590 Tunable Transceiver (500 MHz - 18 GHz, 500 MHz 4U The Journal of Electronic Defense | February 2016 LAN DTA-5000 RAID Server (up to 24 TB SSD) * 1 MHz - 18 GHz (Extendable to 40 GHz) Gapless Spectrum Monitoring of Radio (HF to SHF) & Radar (VHF to K) Bands Simultaneously * Simultaneous Recording of Radio (up to 80 MHz BW) & Radar (up to 500 MHz BW) Signals * Optional Tunable RF Playback * SigInspectorâ„¢- OMNI Software for Control, Operation, Playback & Signal Analysis (1 MHz - 6 GHz) RF Out (option) RF In DTA-3380 X 185 MHz IF, 80 MHz BW 16-Bit ADC & 16-Bit DAC 250 MHz ADC DDC, DUC & Network Cores LOs DAC FPGAs 1 x 10 GbE Network (I & Q Data) DTA-5000 X 1 GbE Control DTA-9590 X X 250 MHz ADC 500 MHz IBW, 1.2 GHz IBF DAC FPGAs 2 x 10 GbE Network (I & Q Data) 2U RAID Server with 24 TB SSD Storage 782905_DTASystems.indd 1 1-877-382-3222 8th Annual EW Capability Gaps and Enabling Technologies Operational & Technical Information Exchange May 10-12 Crane, IN Navy League Sea-Air-Space May 16-18 National Harbor, MD International Microwave Symposium 2016 May 22-27 San Francisco, CA 7th Annual Electronic Warfare/Cyber Convergence Conference June 7-9 Charleston, SC DDC, DUC & Network = User PC 1 GbE EUROSATORY 2016 June 13-17 Paris, France For more information download the RFvision-360 presentation from the home page: AOC EW Europe 2016 May 10-12 Rotterdam, The Netherlands JUNE 12-Bit ADC & 12-Bit DACs 1 GbE Control XPONENTIAL (AUVSI 2016) May 2-5 New Orleans, LA 2016 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) May 23-26 Tampa, FL (500 MHz - 18 GHz) RF In RF Out (option) LOs MAY A Sensor Interface and Processing Company 12/21/15 1:33 PM a Items in red denote AOC Headquarters or AOC Global Connections events. Items in blue denote AOC Chapter events.

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