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The Journal of Electronic Defense

FEBRUARY 2017 * VOL. 40, NO. 2

Editor: John Knowles
Publisher: Elaine Richardson
Senior Editor: John Haystead
Production Editor: Cody Smith
Technical Editors: Ollie Holt, Burt Keirstead
Threat Systems Editor: Doug Richardson
Contributing Writers: Dave Adamy, Michael Niewöhner,
Martin Streetly

The Journal of Electronic Defense | February 2017


ast month, as he prepared to hand over management of the DOD to Jim
Mattis, outgoing Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter signed the DOD's first
Department-wide Electronic Warfare (EW) Strategy. It is an important document for the EW Community for many reasons. First, it spells out how the
DOD wants to conduct EW and, more broadly, EMS Operations (EMSO). Second,
it begins the process of broadening the DOD's EW efforts from its historic focus on
EW technologies and systems to a more balanced Doctrine, Organization, Training,
Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, Facilities and Policy (DOTMLPF-P)
approach to EW. Third, it includes language that recognizes the Electromagnetic
Spectrum as a warfighting domain.
The impetus for the EW Strategy came from the (then) newly-minted EW Executive
Committee (EW EXCOM) in 2015. The document was drafted by the EW EXCOM's EW Capabilities Team (EWCT), led by Dr. Bill Conley with input from EW experts throughout
the DOD. In May 2016, the draft strategy was sent out to the Services and Joint Staff
for review and comments. By late 2016, it was working its way up the OSD approval
chain for signature by the Secretary of Defense.
The EW Strategy is not a stand-alone document. It will eventually include two appendices. Appendix A, to be released at the Secret level, will be an implementation
and assessment plan that spells out tasks and responsibilities. Appendix B, which
will be released at a higher classification level, will be an EW Capabilities Roadmap
that provides details on what EW technologies the DOD needs to develop to meet the
EW Strategy. This will be strongly influenced by the S&T challenges identified by the
DOD's EW Community of Interest. The Roadmap will also set up future EW programs
and analysis areas.
I think perhaps the most enduring and significant part of the EW Strategy is
its question as to whether the DOD should acknowledge the EMS Domain. Although
it seems like an esoteric matter for most EW professionals - after all, what does
"warfighting domain status" matter to the daily workings of EW anyway - I think
it is important because it gives EW a new and better place to "stand on" and operate
from. As John Haystead alludes to in his excellent article about the International
AOC Symposium (beginning on page 15 of this issue), the DOD made a strategic bet
on the EMS with the Second Offset Strategy it developed at the end of the Cold War.
It bet that it could use the EMS to connect a smaller but better-networked fighting
force. As other nations have begun to follow that same technological and operational
path, the DOD finds itself needing to protect its own EMS vulnerabilities, develop
ways to exploit and attack an adversary's growing EMS dependence, coordinate and
manage the increasingly complex operations in the EMS (via Electromagnetic Battle
Management) and come up with an operational concept (i.e., EMSO) that supports
these goals. The best "platform" (and really the only platform) the DOD can stand on
in order to bring all of this together is the EMS Domain. - J. Knowles

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Mr. Petter Bedoire
Vice President and Head of M&S and EW Systems,
Electronic Defence Systems, Saab
Mr. Anthony Lisuzzo
Vice President, Strategic Innovation Group, Booz Allen Hamilton
Mr. Steve Mensh
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Electronic Systems,
Textron Systems
Mr. Edgar Maimon
General Manager, Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT - Elisra
Mr. Steve Roberts
Vice President, Strategy, Selex Galileo
Mr. Travis Slocumb
VP, Electronic Warfare Systems, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems
Mr. Brian Walters
Vice President and General Manager, Electronic Combat Solutions,
BAE Systems Electronic Systems
Dr. Jim Wickes
Senior Principal, Survivability, Defence Science and Technology Lab (dstl),
Dr. Rich Wittstruck
Associate Director, Field-Based Experimentation and Integration,

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JED - February 2017

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