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The Journal of Electronic Defense | February 2018


here's no better way to start a new year than with our AOC EW
Singapore 2018 Global Conference touting a substantial increase
in registration and exhibitors from 2017. The program covered
the entire AOC Mission area with the support of many world class
speakers. We even managed to include a briefing on the AOC and
several AOC Chapters' approach to STEM. I am continually amazed at the rapid
progress that we are seeing in the international Electronic Warfare (EW)
Community. From the growing number of nations that participate in the AOC
International Symposium and Convention each year and our ever growing
global conferences, to the activities of our many chapters around the globe,
regardless of the metric you choose, our community is growing. I'm reminded
that this growth continues largely because the EW, SIGINT and cyber disciplines continue to evolve and develop as more nations come to depend on the
expertise of these professionals for their security.
Let me reiterate that the AOC offers many benefits to its members, from
publications like JED and our e-Crow newsletter to courses, webinars and
community activity. In addition to the AOC EW Singapore Conference, the
AOC also organizes regional conferences in Europe, the Middle East, and several in the United States. In addition to these, many of our chapters also
hold regular conferences tailored to their national strategic priorities. Please
regularly check the JED, e-Crow, and/or our recently redesigned AOC website: to stay abreast of scheduled events.
The personal and professional connections that are made at these events,
whether it is a professional development course, a conference, or a chapter
meeting, are extremely valuable to the participants, as well as the military,
government and industry organizations they represent. Today, more than
ever, countries are likely to depend on coalitions for all types of military
operations. It is at these times that the professional relationships formed at
these events can make a difference.
Our AOC membership is multi-dimensional. It is a professional community
centered on the EMS, but more specifically, it is recognizing that our members come together in many different ways for many different reasons. There
is no single definition of an AOC member. It is our responsibility to empower
our members to define their role in the AOC through our chapters, programs
and other professional opportunities.
Please help me to continue our push for more Communication, Collaboration, Mentorship and Advocacy. Through re-emphasis of these core responsibilities, our AOC community will continue to grow and flourish. My best to
you all in the New Year - Lisa Frugé-Cirilli

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JED - February 2018

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