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tractable/recoverable platforms with
ES/EA payloads. The EW systems and
subsystem focus will look at modifications to legacy ES and EA systems
as well as technologies to replace
the legacy systems. It will also look
at next-generation systems to meet
future ES and EA requirements and
capability to deliver cyber effects, as
well as electronic protect (EP) development. In terms of concepts, the RFI is
seeking information about EW system
of systems (SOS) and family of systems
(FOS); adaptive and cognitive systems;
open architecture approaches; technology and algorithm development;
advanced RF sensor and communications jamming techniques; digital
signal processing (DSP) techniques
and technologies; low-probability of
intercept (LPI) and counter-LPI hardware and waveforms; techniques for IR
countermeasures; RF antenna technologies and performance and advanced
EP algorithms and technologies.
In the communications and network
area, the RFI seeks responses that address network-enabled/fused SOS and
FOS capabilities for distributed EA and
tactical EW coordination; networking
capabilities and technology roadmaps;
advanced EP features for secure communications; tactical airborne communications; and decision support for
tactical operations or Electromagnetic
Battle Management (EMBM).
Other EW areas addressed in the
RFI include space, "cyber EW" and
EMBM. In the space area, the RFI
calls for responses that "identify EW/
EMS capabilities and/or capacity that
could be applied to counter-space missions or space-based EW" and solutions that enable resilient position,
navigation and timing (PNT). In the

cyber EW area, the ECCT wants information that will "identify a system's
capability to deliver synchronous and
asynchronous cyber effect and the architecture required to do so." It also
notes, "The RFI is not intended to
evaluate the full tradespace of EA-injected cyber techniques." In terms of
EMBM, the RFI is interested in "system
level technologies to provide near-real-time command and control of the
EW/EMS assets in the highly contested
environment, as well as software and
algorithm developments to support
decision making and non-kinetic effects assessments."
Additional topics include current
and near-term modeling and simulation and test and evaluation efforts
related to EW in highly contested environments at the platform and systems level, as well as the capability
to operate in the presence of signals
from the "background RF environment" (white commercial signals, gray
and blue signals, in addition to red
signals of interest).
The EW/EMS Superiority ECCT will
be discussed during the Air Force
Strategic Development Planning and
Experimentation (SDPE): Strategic Interchange Meeting (SIM) February 5-9
at Joint Base Andrews, MD. Additional
Industry Day details will be provided
on the Web at
Responses to the EW/ESM Superiority ECCT RFI are due on April 5. The
point of contact is Pete Kronbergs, Development Planning and Early Integration Systems Assessment Research and
Development, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, (AFLCMC/XZAB), 937904-4501, e-mail leon.kronbergs.1@ - J. Knowles

The Journal of Electronic Defense | February 2018

The US Air Force has issued a Request for Information (RFI) as part of
its new Electronic Warfare (EW)/Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) Superiority Enterprise Capability Collaboration
Team (ECCT). Authorized in September
2017 by the Air Force Capability Development Council, the EW/EMS Superiority ECCT supports the 2017 DOD
EW Strategy, and it will focus on EW
technology development for current
and future Air Force weapons systems.
According to the RFI, "The EW/EMS
Superiority ECCT will serve as the focal point for capability development
efforts across Doctrine, Organization,
Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facility - Policy (DOTMLPF-P) related
to achieving EW/EMS Superiority, in
order to ensure synergy of effort and
derive the most benefit from on-going
and planned activities." The scope of
the ECCT will focus on highly contested
environments across all phases of operations; solutions that can be fielded
between 2018 and 2040; frequencies
from high frequency (HF) to ultraviolet (UV), with particular interest
in "traditional RF," visible frequencies, infrared, UV and millimeter wave
(mmW); and capabilities in addition to
EW that include directed energy, cyber
attack and space.
The RFI is seeking information
from industry and academia about
"full-spectrum EW" (RF to optical)
with regard to platform-level technologies; system and subsystem technologies; and EW/EMS concepts. The
platform-level technologies cover approaches that address electronic warfare support (ES) and electronic attack
(EA); kinetic-attack weapons such as
anti-radiation homing missiles; and
stand-in or stand-off expendable/at-


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