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NATO has awarded Cobham's Special
Mission business a follow-on contract
to deliver operational readiness training to the alliance for up to five years.
The contract, won after a competitive
bid process, entails the delivery of EW
and threat simulation training to prepare NATO forces for current and future
electromagnetic threat environments.
Training will be delivered using Cobham-owned and operated Dassault Falcon 20 special mission aircraft, crewed
by Cobham aircrew. The aircraft will
operate with either NATO-furnished
equipment (drawn from the Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff inventory at
RNAS Yeovilton) or Cobham's in-house
developed EW jamming and threat simulation pods.
The contract, awarded by Allied
Command Operations (ACO) on behalf
of NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied
Powers Europe, covers the provision of
flying services (including but not limited to radar and/or communication
jamming equipment) and EW qualified
personnel to support NATO training
and exercise program throughout ACO.
Cobham's contract term covers one base
year (FY 2018) and up to four one-year
options. - R. Scott

and verification to full production and
technical maintenance and support."
Initial localization efforts are focused on critical strategic technologies,
with EW and radar identified as examples. As noted by Dr. Almorqi, "Most of
the components of a radar system cannot be purchased off the shelf. Some
software exists, but there are critical
elements that are not available in the
market, so that is an area of focus that
we want to focus on for local development and sale." Dr. Almorqi acknowl-

edges that it will be a challenge to build
this level of indigenous capability, but
says, "We are facing it and taking it on.
As has been said, 'If there is a will, there
is a way.' We don't have a lack of available funding or expertise in this area,
and today we are being pushed by the
government, by the King, by the Crown
Prince to achieve this goal and we look
forward to the day when we see our
country having achieved it."
Some of the announcements at the
conference reflected some of the initial
accomplishments of the Vision 2030 initiative, including the announcement of a
joint venture between Saudi Arabia's Dar
Massader and QinetiQ of the UK to "provide defence and security innovation in
Saudi Arabia." A new, indigenous Electronic Warfare database management
system was also officially announced
by the Saudi Ministry of Defence represented by the Department of Electronic
Warfare and KACST. - J. Haystead

Belgian Air Component F-16 fighters
are to receive an upgraded platform selfprotection suite incorporating pylonmounted missile warning sensors.
Under contract to Belgian Defence,
Terma (Lystrup, Denmark) will modify
existing Pylon Integrated Dispensing System (PIDS) pylons to the PIDS+
standard configured with the Hensoldt
AAR-60(V)2 MILDS F missile warning
system (MWS). The order means that
all of the original European Participating Air Forces (EPAF) nations - Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, and
Belgium - have now ordered Terma
PIDS+ pylons and AAR-60(V)2 MWS for
their F-16 fleets.
The AAR-60(V)2 MILDS F installation
comprises a total of six sensors and one
processor. Three sensors are installed
in both the left-hand and right-hand
PIDS+ pylons to provide almost full
spherical coverage.
The AAR-60(V)2 provides threat information to the Terma ALQ-213 Electronic Warfare Management System in
the cockpit. The ALQ-213 selects and
executes the most efficient dispense

sequence in the PIDS+ pylon and/or in
the fuselage.
According to Terma, the BD PIDS+
configuration adopted by Belgium is the
most advanced variant as both left- and
right-hand pylons are equipped with
three dispensers whereas earlier variants
only had two in the right-hand pylon.
The installation of the additional dispenser magazine has been made possible
by introducing a new compact variant of
the Terma Digital Sequencer Switch.
Belgian Defence has also awarded
Terma a contract for the Terma Aircraft
Audio Management System (AAMS).
Planned to equip all 54 F-16 aircraft,
AAMS incorporates 3D-Audio and noise
reduction capabilities to enhance pilot
situational awareness, improve survivability, and reduce workload by presenting audio warnings/cues and radio
messages in a full 360-degree spherical
representation. This enables the pilot
to receive dynamically updated warning tone/cue in the true direction of
the threat and spatially separating radio communication for increased speech
intelligibility. - R. Scott a

The Journal of Electronic Defense | February 2018

are currently operational. But, as Dr.
Almorqi notes, in order to have a fullyindigenous capability, "you need the
manufacturing facilities and you need
trained and skilled people. We don't
have enough domestic industrial base to
develop all of the KACST or research institute products. And while the government is fully supporting the initiatives,
we're missing the industry side. We have
some, but not enough, and if I develop
something, I want to see it in the operational environment." Dr. Almorqi is
optimistic, however. "Vision 2030 gives
us an approach to providing these capabilities, and we're seeing more and more
companies establishing industry in Saudi Arabia and showing they're willing
to establish and build a manufacturing
facility including testing, evaluation,



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