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head as DOD Tries
It may be, however, that the Service
is now attempting to rectify that decision, announcing that it is starting a
new Enterprise Capability Collaboration
Team (ECCT) to specifically focus on EW
(See Monitor, p. 15). The EW ECCT will be
the third in a limited number of ECCTs to
focus on high-priority, enterprise-wide
problems. The first ECCT was launched
in May of 2015 to address the Air Superiority mission area, and the second in
2016 focused on Multi-Domain Command
and Control (MDC2).
In making the EW ECCT announcement at the 2017 AOC Symposium, Gen
Stephen Wilson, Vice Chief of Staff of
the US Air Force, stated that, "As we
look around the globe we see that our
adversaries have studied us over the
last 26 years that we've been in conflict, and they've been looking at areas
that they think they can exploit. One of
those areas is electronic warfare - to be
able to dominate the spectrum."
Wilson also addressed the relationship of cyber and EW and of cyber's
potential relationship to the EW ECCT
effort, specifically with regard to the
elevation of US Cyber Command (US-

CYBERCOM) to combatant command
level status. Wilson, observed that the
Air Force "hasn't yet made up its mind
on how that is going to work. There is
a natural symbiotic relationship there,
so how do we look at both? We're not
yet sure going forward, but as we flesh
out the charter, we will be making that
Initially, Bourque views the ECCT
move favorably, "reflecting some upperlevel attention. And, if they start redirecting funds towards this, they can
really have a profound expeditionary
impact across all the Services." Still, he
notes this remains to be seen. "So far,
all we have is precursory narrative."

In April of last year, the Army issued
field manual 3-12 (FM 3-12) addressing
"Cyberspace and Electronic Warfare."
It states that, "Incorporating cyberspace electromagnetic activities (CEMA)
throughout all phases of an operation is
key to obtaining and maintaining freedom of maneuver in cyberspace and the
EMS while denying the same to enemies
and adversaries." But, while this is cer-

tainly true, it may also be notable that
the proponent of FM 3-12 is the US Army
Cyber Center of Excellence (COE), and
that the final sentence of the foreword
drops out any mention of the EMS, reading, "Due to the rapidly evolving cyberspace domain, the Cyber COE will review
and update FM 3-12 and supporting publications on a frequent basis in order to
keep pace with a continuously evolving
cyberspace domain."
Using a Venn diagram analogy,
Bourque describes the Army's view of
CEMA as being "deeply in the intersective (emphasis added) spaces between
spectrum management, electronic warfare, and cyber operations, but not the
inclusion of all those things." Rather, he
says that "the battlespace responsibilities are much larger than that, and you
have to use all of it."
To date, although the Army has been
talking for some time about its plans to
invest more in its EW/EMSO capabilities,
and for the rapid deployment of these
capabilities, it has very little to show for
it. And, although the Army created new
multiple-rank MOS 29 EW Specialist jobs
in 2011, most of these positions have, in
reality, already been transitioned to, or
soon will be, into other roles, primarily
cyber-related (MOS 17 Cyber).

The Marine Corps has proven to be
a leader in terms of actually developing and implementing a comprehensive

The Journal of Electronic Defense | February 2018

"We no longer have the luxury of treating the
collection of radiant electromagnetic energy
(that we call the spectrum) like a utility
that we can pick up in pieces."



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