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c ale ndar cour se s MARCH & se mina r s Aircraft Survivability March 9 Swindon, Oxfordshire, UK Defence Electro-Optics and Imaging Systems March 2 Swindon, Oxfordshire, UK DIRCM: Technology, Modeling and Testing April 14-16 Atlanta, GA APRIL EW 104: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for Electronic Warfare April 14-17 Linthicum, MD Basic RF EW Concepts April 14-16 Atlanta, GA Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) March 4 LIVE Online Webcourse Introduction to Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Concepts, Systems and Test and Evaluation April 14-17 Atlanta, GA Imagine Staring at the Entire Spectrum of Interest and Recording It All! MAY Reduce scan time to zero. Stare at the entire spectrum of interest (1, 2, 4, 8 GHz or beyond) by starting with D-TA's RFvision-2 high-performance ultra-wideband spectrum monitoring & recording system and building up from there. RFvision-2 The Journal of Electronic Defense | March 2015 Infrared Countermeasures May 5-8 Atlanta, GA (500 MHz - 18 GHz) RF In DTA-9590 (Tunable Transceiver) DTA-9590 10 RF / IF X LOs ADC IF/Baseband (I & Q) 2 X 10 GbE (I & Q Data) DTA-1000R (Record/ Playback) DAC 12-Bit ADC & 12-Bit DAC DDC, DUC & Network 2 X V6 FPGAs DTA-1000R Based on DTA-9590 tunable transceiver & DTA-1000R RAID server, the RFvision-2 system offers 500 MHz stare BW and 0.5 GHz - 18 GHz frequency coverage. Hard to beat features include: compact size (only 2U rack space); 12-bit data converters, DDC based BW selection up to 500 MHz, and I & Q data recording in a 1U RAID server for over 1 hour 500 MHz IBW, 1.2 GHz IF Optional Analog IF Out 1.6 GHz 1 GbE Control RAID Server with 7.6 TB SSD Storage 1 GbE RFvision-2 System Block Diagram User PC DTA-9590 #N DTA-9590 #1 (N x 2 x 10 GbE) 1 GbE Control Staring at & recording the entire spectrum of interest For more information download Tech Note TN-33 from the DOWNLOADS tab, 1-877-382-3222 736397_DTA.indd 1 Airborne EW Systems Integration May 12-14 Atlanta, GA Essentials of 21st Century Electronic Warfare May 12-15 Alexandria, VA Digital RF Memory (DRFM) Executive Overview May 13 Atlanta, GA JUNE RF IN 2 x 10 GbE Multiple DTA-9590 transceiver units can be used to increase the stare bandwidth to the spectrum of interest by joining the 500 MHz bands. No signal can escape the scrutiny! Record selectively (one or more 500 MHz bands) or the entire spectrum (all Nx500 MHz bands). D-TA's recording capability is limitless. Advanced Photonic Systems and Applications for EW April 20-22 Atlanta, GA Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) Technology June 2-5 Atlanta, GA Radar Cross Section Reduction June 8-10 Atlanta, GA Introduction to Radar Warning Receivers June 12 Atlanta, GA Advanced Electronic Warfare June 16-19 Alexandria, VA a Items in red denote AOC Headquarters or AOC Global Connections events. Items in blue denote AOC Chapter events. 2/23/15 1:48 PM

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