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JED: Do you see the smart response
system as an opportunity for technology insertion into existing systems or
do you see it as a new system?

RS: It's actually both. Some of the

JED: The DOD wants industry to
absorb more cost and risk during
technology development and maturation. How is Exelis responding to
this trend in terms of its internal
R&D strategy?

RS: First and foremost, it's our responsibility to deliver capabilities to
our customers and to the war-fighter
within the defense budget. It's about
doing more with less, and the answer
seems clear - collaboration. At the
AOC Convention last year, I delivered
a brief with collaboration as a main
theme, urging attendees to think
about the ways we can work together. It affords industry the opportunity to put together their best ideas
and leverage their organizational
strengths which benefit the compa-

nies and the customers. We need to
pool our resources and produce bestin-class solutions.
When you think about declining
budgets, you have to say, "Well, how
can we as an industry produce the
best products?" We have to dare to
be friends in these cases and actually
work together. Trust has to be a centerpiece of the relationship. We have
to be able to leverage our strengths
and be able to provide the customer
the most capable systems.
It's increasingly important that
industry and government also collaborate in the face of growing constraints on cooperative research and
development and RDT&E funding.
Some of our best work has resulted
from customers sharing their hard
problems with us and then jointly
developing a solution.

JED: Exelis ES has many decades
of experience in the EW, radar and
communications markets. What are
some examples in which Exelis sees
opportunities to offer multifunction
systems in the defense electronics

RS: We are delivering radar warning
receivers that are integrated with
jammers and that have laser warning capability and missile warning
capability. In our systems across the
board, we're integrating ESM with
EA capabilities. We are integrating
ELINT into ground EW capabilities.
So, when I look into the future and
where we are in terms of ESM, SIGINT
and COMINT, and there are opportunities to bring those together. These
multifunction systems across the EW
spectrum and the information warfare spectrum are going to be the

JED: And to make that a possibility - to make the investment in mul-


Richard Sorelle

tifunction, which can be significant
- is that where the collaboration that
you mentioned earlier comes in?


Collaboration is absolutely
an enabler. Not everybody is good
at everything. So the question is,
"How do we work with other companies to pool our resources and
deliver the best capabilities to
our customers?" When you look
at the top-down view of some of the
critical challenges, you have to team
on cognitive and adaptive capabilities; you have to be able to work together on distributed networks; you
have to be able to team on modular
and reconfigurable software; and you
have to be able to team in areas where
you might have techniques and algorithms that differentiate you from
your competitor.
While there are areas where we
serve as prime to the government,
Exelis is increasingly teaming with
other industry players, not only to
pool resources but to increase our
probability of winning. When it's in
the best interest of our customers,
we work with the major primes and
the labs and say, "Let's go forward
arm in arm and we'll be able to be
successful together." And I believe
that the primes, since they are also
focusing on reducing costs, are looking for partners that can improve
their offerings and capabilities. So,
I think Exelis is in a unique position, position because we have the
experience and breadth to address
large programs, but we're also small
enough to be agile and add a lot of
value as a partner. The good news is
that despite some of the challenges
and changes in the current environment, the need for electronic warfare will remain constant because
future success is really dependent
on winning or losing in the electromagnetic spectrum. a

The Journal of Electronic Defense | April 2014

technology has already been fielded
in EW systems, and it can be reprogrammed and integrated into multiple platforms. It actually makes the
DOD's platforms more relevant into
the future. We have also identified
new platforms, such as unmanned
aircraft, which need an enabled
electronic attack capability. With its
decreased size, weight and power, it
can be used in both large and small
systems. In addition, the smart response system has applications outside of traditional EW, including
cyber attack. What we've done is develop four systems on internal funding, and we intend to loan these out
to our customers. Each of these provides a complete operating capability
that our customers would have the
freedom to program with their data
and evaluate its effectiveness.

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