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here is an old joke from the comedian Steven Wright that goes something like, "I've never seen electricity, so I don't pay for it. I write
right on the bill, 'Sorry, I haven't seen it all month.'"
Back in the 1990s, when EW programs were losing funding and being cut from the budget, I wondered if Pentagon leaders were forming
a similar mindset about the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS). On the heels of the
stunning military success of Operation Desert Storm, EW development programs
were being asked to demonstrate "measures of effectiveness" to justify their
cost. In those days, it was difficult to find a general officer who would advocate
for funding a support jammer instead a new bomb. Why? Because the bomb went
"bang" while the support jammer needed a bevy of engineers to explain (sometimes in very complex terms) how it took down an enemy air defense system. It
wasn't the general's fault that he preferred to develop the bomb instead of the
EW program. Most of the people around him thought pretty much the same way.
As military forces evolve into an era of net-centric architectures and robotic
systems, military leaders are becoming more aware of and more appreciative of
the electromagnetic operating environment. In this month's issue, our article
about Electromagnetic Battle Management (EMBM) paints a very clear picture of
what is happening now in the EMS and what military forces need to understand
in order to take full advantage of it in the future.
Compared to the 1990s, I see lots of progress today in the EW community's
efforts to build wider awareness of military operations in the EMS. We are facilitating the broad integration of EW and spectrum management, which is an important development. (Someday, we'll look back and wonder why we didn't merge
them sooner.) When I go to conferences these days, I hear senior military leaders
spend more time talking about non-kinetic effects (EW, Cyber, MISO, etc.) than
kinetic effects (bullets and bombs).
Yet, a lot of legacy thinking remains in our military forces. In general, they
are not organized, educated or trained to think in terms of operations in the
electromagnetic spectrum. (The few exceptions being EW and spectrum management professionals.) The most visible example I can think of this the latest Quadrennial Defense Review, which was released last month. There is not a
single reference to EW or the EMS in the entire document, but perhaps this is
the wrong way to look at it. For in those pages, from the introduction all the
way to the Chairman's Assessment at the end, the EMS is woven into the QDR in
discussions of global communications for the network centric force, adversary
"counter-stealth technologies," "modernizing next-generation Air Force combat
equipment - including fighters and bombers - particularly against advancing
modern air defense systems," threats to US space assets, etc. Isn't that just like
the EMS, however. It's always there even when you can't see it. - J. Knowles

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Col Marshall Denney, USMC
Chief, Future Operations (J35), US Cyber Command
Mr. Dan Gobel
President, Electronic Systems, BAE Systems Inc.
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Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area, Electronic Defence
Systems, Saab
Mr. Mark Kula
Vice President, Tactical Airborne Systems, Raytheon Space and
Airborne Systems
Col Steve Ling, USAF
Director, Joint Electronic Warfare Center, US Strategic Command
Mr. Edgar Maimon
General Manager, Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT - Elisra
CAPT Paul Overstreet
Joint Strike Fighter Weapons System Program Manager, Naval Air Systems
Command, USN
Mr. Jeffrey Palombo
Senior VP and GM, Land and Self-Protection Systems Division,
Electronic Systems, Northrop Grumman Corp.
Mr. Steve Roberts
Vice President, Strategy, Selex Galileo
Mr. Rich Sorelle
President, Electronic Systems Division, Exelis
Gp Capt P.J. Wallace
Chief of Staff, Joint Air Land Organisation, UK MOD
Dr. Richard Wittstruck
Director, System of Systems Engineering, PEO Intelligence, Electronic
Warfare and Sensors, USA

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