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message f rom the pre side nt ROGUE COUNTRIES AND SPACE COUNTERMEASURES A The Journal of Electronic Defense | April 2015 12 s we all know, the US and its allies no longer have the luxury of dealing with one kind of threat. Our global challenges extend from "lone wolf" jihadists to near-peer and rogue countries with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Among the most likely threats on the horizon are the world's two most destabilizing rogue powers - North Korea and Iran. The US Navy's recently released, "A Cooperative Strategy," reaffirmed these threats: "North Korea continues to refine nuclear weapon capabilities and deploy long-range ballistic missiles. Likewise, Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technologies capable of delivering WMD." Anyone who listened to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the US Congress last month can appreciate the distinction between security and survival. Iran continues to export its various forms of terrorism across the Middle East, and it wants to increase its arsenal of capabilities from improvised explosive devices, to long range armed unmanned aircraft, to rockets/missiles with WMD warheads. Iran and North Korea have significantly increased their understanding and emphasis on EW and cyber as well. North Korea, for its part, is making no bones about modifying its Unha 2 missile into an Unha 3 and eventually developing an ICBM capability. Today, the Taepong 1 variants can deliver 2000-kg warheads to US bases in Japan. Using the Unha 2 and 3 parameters, as reported by Savelsberg (Netherlands Defence Academy), North Korea's near-term ability to deliver a 1200-kg warhead to California is credible. The collaboration of Iranian and North Korean ICBM scientists and technicians should concern everyone. North Korea already has an ample supply of nuclear weapons, and Iran is focused on getting them. A new US research project warns that North Korea's nuclear stockpile could grow from roughly 10-16 nuclear weapons at the end of 2014 to 100 by the year 2020. When coupled with an ICBM force, the world will face a very destabilizing threat from these two rogue regimes. In order to enhance the survivability of their ballistic missiles, it is feasible that North Korea and Iran will deploy sophisticated countermeasures and maneuver actions immediately after boost. They will also likely use advanced EW and cyber tactics, techniques and procedures to mask their warheads, including chaff, aerosols, jammers and decoys to mention a few. Our ability to neutralize these threats depends on reducing the analysis/discrimination time, and this is where the growing challenges of EW and cyber expertise become critical. Each element of the decision-time clock involves EW/ cyber savvy from launch detection, to discrimination, to kick-over course settings. Analysis has proven that to successfully intercept a missile in boost phase, you have to be "close enough," "high enough" and "fast enough." You also have to be "equipped enough" with EW and cyber knowhow to make the mission successful. This is why we need to continue to cultivate and emphasize our EW and cyber countermeasures expertise. Space is a critical Warfighting Domain of EW/cyber activity that we forget at our peril. - Maj Gen Kenneth Israel, USAF (Ret.) Association of Old Crows 1000 North Payne Street, Suite 200 Alexandria, VA 22314-1652 Phone: (703) 549-1600 Fax: (703) 549-2589 PRESIDENT Ken Israel VICE PRESIDENT Dave Hime SECRETARY Vickie Greenier TREASURER Joe Koesters PAST PRESIDENT Wayne Shaw AT-LARGE DIRECTORS Powder Carlson Todd Caruso Vickie Greenier Craig Harm Brian Hinkley Amanda Kammier Mark Schallheim Muddy Watters Paul Westcott APPOINTED DIRECTORS Robert Elder Anthony Lisuzzo REGIONAL DIRECTORS Southern: Lisa Fruge-Cirilli Central: Joe Koesters Northeastern: Nino Amoroso Mountain-Western: Sam Roberts Mid-Atlantic: Douglas Lamb Pacific: Joe Hulsey International I: Robert Andrews International II: Jeff Walsh IO: Al Bynum AOC STAFF Mike Dolim Executive Director Shelley Frost Director, Logistics Glorianne O'Neilin Director, Member Services Brock Sheets Director, Marketing John Clifford Director, Global Programs Stew Taylor Exhibits Manager Bridget Whyde Marketing/Communications Assistant

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