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t he monitor news DOD ESTABLISHES NEW TOP-LEVEL EW PROGRAMS COUNCIL sequestration, pose a significant threat to near-term DOD research and development. His remarks about technology investment were particularly significant for the EW community because some of the most difficult strategic challenges the DOD want to solve can be addressed through non-kinetic solutions. In his remarks, Work spoke about the fundamental importance of technology development to US defense strategy. "Every national defense strategy that we have had since the beginning of World War II has been based on the assumption that we would have technical dominance over our adversaries in a broad way," Work said. "In the 1990s, we enjoyed technical dominance across the spectrum. Our global C2 system was unparalleled and wasn't under cyber attack. Our space assets, which allowed us to set up theater-wide battle networks, weren't really threatened. We enjoyed freedom of access in the air, on the land, on the sea, under the sea, in space and cyberspace." Today, however, adversaries challenge US forces in every domain, he said. "Several nations are developing The Journal of Electronic Defense | April 2015 The DOD has established an Electronic Warfare Programs Council to review its EW investments and provide strategic insight to senior leaders. The Council, a recommendation of the Defense Science Board, was announced by Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work during his speech at the McAleese/ Credit Suisse Defense Programs Conference in Washington, DC, last month. Work told attendees, mostly defense industry leaders and investors, about the DOD's technology investment strategy and how budget caps, imposed under 15

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