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The Journal of Electronic Defense | April 2016


arlier this year, I had the good fortune to travel to Electronic Warfare
India, which was an excellent symposium that was well supported
by India's EW community. Next month, I will take part in EW Europe
(May 10-12 in Rotterdam) before traveling to Australia in October for
the AOC-Australia 2016 Convention in Adelaide.
I truly enjoy the opportunity to engage these important forums because,
in addition to telling audiences about the future of the AOC, I get to meet
Crows from all over the world. I can see what EW professionals share in common across the broader EW community and, at the same time, appreciate the
variety of people who work in our field. Each of us Crows tends to think about
EW from the perspective of our own job, our own organization, and our local
AOC chapter. Yet, we are blessed with an extremely diverse community, which
becomes all the more apparent when you experience it on an international
level. The principles I've been preaching of late, namely collaboration, communication and partnerships across EW, cyber and spectrum professionals are
taking hold.
These trips also show me that the EW profession is growing internationally.
We inaugurate more AOC chapters and hold more international EW events each
year, which gives EW professionals an opportunity to connect with others,
share knowledge and develop a stronger understanding of the EW discipline.
As we grow into the "new" arenas of spectrum and cyber, this cross-fertilization of ideas enables the accomplishment of two key aspects of our vision,
that of attracting a broader "spectrum" (if you will) of experts to the AOC, and
of fostering a reinvigorated educational opportunity for all members across
these expanded disciplines.
So, my question to all Crows is this: How can you grow your participation,
not just within your local EW community, but also by connecting your AOC
chapter to others? On an international level, much of this sharing is broadly
guided by government-to-government relationships. But, within the parameters of those overarching relationships, how can you connect with other
Crows in other places to build a stronger network of AOC chapters and, by
extension,a stronger network of Crows?
So, if we didn't meet in India, then I hope to meet you next month at EW
Europe, or maybe in Adelaide in October, or one of the many AOC chapter
events I plan to attend this year. But, the bottom line is that I hope to see
you somewhere in my travels. As a Crow, you have a lot to offer, and our AOC
community has a lot to offer you. - Dave Hime

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JED - April 2016

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