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projected Type 31 light general purpose
frigate in due course.
According to an industry engagement notice released in early March
by DE&S's Maritime Combat Systems
team, the MEWSIC component of MEWP
is intended to replace existing RN radar ESM capability and encompasses
requirements previously associated
with MEWSS (including a high-gain
high-sensitivity receiver capability)
and the EWC2 component of DAS-SS.
The requirement includes a detection
capability against coherent, complex,

power-managed and higher-frequency
emissions, a specific emitter identification capability and the replacement
of legacy processing.
As a separate MEWP activity, the
RFCM project will seek to acquire new
electronic defense capability "to prevent successful targeting and/or engagement of frigates and destroyers by
present and future RF guided missiles,"
said DE&S. It adds that the RFCM project
"includes the acquisition of launchers
if the selected countermeasure(s) requires." - R. Scott

A quartet of UK companies is to deliver EW and Cyber (EW&C) research and
technology (R&T) support to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) under a new longterm framework agreement.
Finmeccanica Airborne & Space Systems Division (formerly Selex ES), BAE
Systems Applied Intelligence, Atlas Elektronik UK and QinetiQ have each been
contracted for one of four core capability packages. The framework agreement
has been established for an initial period of five years, with an option to extend for up to two further years.
This new EW&C contracting framework has been designed to change the
way in which the MOD - through its
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) - engages with suppliers
for extramural research and technology
services. It has been set up to provide a
rapid tasking route to market that incentivizes performance and augments
external capability to ensure sustainment of sovereign EW&C capability.
The framework agreement construct has been designed around four
core capability "lots" intended to deliver the external management and
development of a sustainable EW&C ca-

pability in line with MOD and wider UK
government priorities. These comprise
engineering design, manufacture and
assessment (Lot 1); cyber, software
and modeling (Lot 2); sensor, sensor
systems and signature measurement
(Lot 3); and trials and capability operation (Lot 4).
The MOD has contracted Finmeccanica Airborne & Space Systems Division
for Lot 1; BAE Systems Applied Intelligence for Lot 2; Atlas Elektronik UK for
Lot 3; and QinetiQ for Lot 4. Under the
terms of the framework agreement, each
of the lot contractors is obliged to have
internal technical capacity and capability to deliver between 40 percent and 60
percent (inclusive) of the overarching
requirement, and to manage and integrate the remainder of the requirement
to subcontractors.
As well as supporting longer term
EW&C research, the new framework
agreement is also intended to ensure
that Dstl has rapid access to technology,
information and technical advice that
allows for a rapid response to emerging
capability needs, urgent operational requirements and surge requirements generated by operations. - R.Scott a

The Journal of Electronic Defense | April 2016

Plans to recapitalize the Royal Navy's (RN's) surface ship EW capabilities
have been re-set by the UK Ministry of
Defence (MoD), with previously separate radio frequency (RF) electronic
surveillance and defensive aids projects now brought together under a
single Maritime Electronic Warfare Programme (MEWP).
A program of industry engagement
is set to start shortly to address a first
MEWP activity, known as the Maritime
Electronic Warfare System Integrated
Capability (MEWSIC). The second element, identified as RF Counter Measures
(RFCM), is intended to form a separate
scope of work.
Under previous plans, the MoD's Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S)
organization had been pursuing standalone Maritime Electronic Warfare
Surveillance System (MEWSS) and Defensive Aids Suite - Surface Ship (DASSS) programs. MEWSS was intended to
deliver a next-generation shipborne
electronic support measures (ESM) capability, whereas DAS-SS was focused
on the provision of improved soft-kill
coordination and new RF countermeasures, with an initial focus on upgraded
Electronic Warfare Command and Control (EWC2).
Under the new strategy, MEWSS and
DAS-SS have now been merged under
the MEWP banner and re-brigaded into
the MEWSIC and RFCM sub-projects.
These two strands in aggregate equate
to a Category A project (with an overall
value of UKĀ£250-400 million).
The MEWP effort is initially intended
to deliver a coherent next-generation
EW surveillance and soft-kill protection capability for RN Type 23 frigates
and Type 45 destroyers to address RF
threats out to 2035. It is expected that
MEWP components will also be fitted to
the Type 26 Global Combat Ship and the



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