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ne of the most interesting parts of my job is visiting defense companies to learn what they are doing firsthand. Last month, I had the
opportunity to meet the executive team at a company in the Boston
area and learn more about what they are doing in the defense sector. The company provides digital signal processing solutions for both
commercial and military applications and, like many technology companies in
the digital and RF/microwave market, most of its portfolio lies outside defense.
This does not mean the company downplays its defense business. On the contrary, the performance demands of the defense electronics market frequently
push the company's internal research and development in new and interesting
directions that often deliver competitive advantages in the commercial sector.
Of course, the reverse is also true.
During my discussion with the company's executives, they raised an important point: Their company (and many others like it) can provide a lot of unique
technology insight to the DOD as it sets out on its Third Offset Strategy. Yet
this company has few practical avenues in which to meet with DOD officials and
understand their technology challenges first hand. First of all, the company's
portfolio stretches across several commercial and defense markets. It must prioritize those markets that are going to provide the best return and allocate
its resources accordingly. That means defense opportunities usually take a back
seat to commercial interests simply because the commercial market offers more
volume in most cases. And, even within the defense electronics sector, the rollercoaster EW market often takes a back seat to steadier markets, like radar and
tactical communications. So, this company doesn't participate in many of the EW
industry days hosted by the Service labs and major systems acquisition centers.
And even if it did, these types of events don't offer what this company is really
seeking, which is to better understand how the DOD is thinking about electronic
technologies. On the flip side, the DOD isn't gaining a lot of insight into what this
company and many others in the digital and RF/microwave market are exploring.
Considering the technological advances that the DOD wants to achieve under
the Third Offset Strategy, it appears that the current information channels between DOD and industry are not dynamic enough, certainly not in specialized
areas such as EW and SIGINT. Because of this, the DOD risks missing out on a lot
of the EW technology innovation that some important technology players can
offer. Yes, the DOD is making some improvements, such as the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) (assuming that it eventually branches out beyond
Silicon Valley). Ideally, however, the DOD will establish a program that every year
will send dozens of EW technology experts from DARPA, the Service labs and the
EW systems acquisition centers out to visit these lower-tier companies to see
what they are pursuing and offer their own insight. The cost in time and money
is not small, but the benefit in knowledge will be more than worth it. - J. Knowles

The Journal of Electronic Defense

APRIL 2016 * VOL. 39, NO. 4

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Mr. Petter Bedoire
Vice President and Head of M&S and EW Systems,
Electronic Defence Systems, Saab
Mr. Anthony Lisuzzo
Vice President, Strategic Innovation Group, Booz Allen Hamilton
Mr. Steve Mensh
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Electronic Systems, Textron
Mr. Edgar Maimon
General Manager, Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT - Elisra
Mr. Jeffrey Palombo
Senior VP and GM, Land and Self-Protection Systems Division,
Electronic Systems, Northrop Grumman Corp.
Mr. Steve Roberts
Vice President, Strategy, Selex Galileo
Mr. Travis Slocumb
VP, Electronic Warfare Systems, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems
Mr. Rich Sorelle
President, Electronic Systems, Harris Corp.
Gp Capt P.J. Wallace
Assistant Head Targeting, Military Strategic Effects, UK MOD
Mr. Brian Walters
Vice President and General Manager, Electronic Combat Solutions,
BAE Systems Electronic Systems
Dr. Jim Wickes
Senior Principal, Survivability, Defence Science and Technology Lab (dstl),
Dr. Rich Wittstruck
Associate Director, Field-Based Experimentation and Integration,

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JED - April 2016

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