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company's goal is to have the Elix-IR
ready for fielding in 2017.

As part of these efforts, the Italian Air
Force has also established an operational
support laboratory as part of an independent in-house capability to generate
dynamic scenarios for both the ELT 572
DIRCM and flare deployment. An infrared
bench for seeker characterization is being
provided by Elettronica and subcontractor
ESL Defence (AAI's UK subsidiary),


The Journal of Electronic Defense | May 2014


Like the UK, the Italian armed forces
use a variety of helicopters in many specific roles and missions. The Italian MOD
is also looking at developing a next-generation EW suite that could be installed
across its helicopter fleet. Although not
yet carried out, but developed as a joint
EW structure, Italy's MOD has put the
basis for such an effort under the leadership of the Italian Air Force. The Air Force
has in recent years invested in developing
an in-house and sovereign EW capability
with the support of national industry.
Today, the Italian Air Force is looking
forward to completing the development
and testing of an advanced integrated
DAS suite, which will find accommodation on board the new HH-101A combat
search and rescue (CSAR) version of the
AgustaWestland AW101 helicopter. Known
as "CAESAR," the HH-101A will meet the
Italian Air Force's needs for personnel
recovery and will support special operations forces. It will also support search
and rescue, medical evacuations and "slow
mover" intercept operations. Owing to
the challenging set of missions it must
meet, the new helicopter version will
have a combination of active and passive self-defense capabilities including
three 7.62-mm pintle-mounted Gatlingtype mini-guns, ballistic protection and
an integrated electronic warfare suite to
counter radar-, laser- and infrared-guided
threats. The first 2 of 15 HH-101As are to
be delivered in a basic configuration in
the last quarter of 2014, and later retrofitted with the full mission suite.
The Italian Air Force, in cooperation
with Elettronica, successfully completed
the development, test and evaluation
(DT&E) phase of the ELT/572 DIRCM program in November, paving the way for
production and delivery from late 2014.
Known as the ELT/572(V)2, the system
comprises two ELT/572 DIRCM systems
in a federated architecture, integrated
with Airbus DS AN/AAR-60 MWS, where
the management of the (V)2 system is
performed by a dedicated suite controller. The Air Force has finalized a contract
with Elettronica to integrate the DIRCM
in the dual-turret configuration, initially

on-board the C-130J fixed-wing transport
fleet. It will also be installed on the soonto-be delivered AgustaWestland HH-101A
plus the Italian Air Force's C-27J tactical
transport. Subsequent contracts, scheduled for 2015, will cover the acquisition
of additional dual-turret ELT/572 suites
in order to procure enough systems to
establish a pool for both the C-130J and
HH-101A fleets.
In the meantime, in late 2011, the
Italian Air Force issued a contract to
Elettronica to provide the Virgilius multispectral EW system, in an ESM-only
version, for the HH-101A helicopter program. Virgilius is, however, a fully digital, network-centric compatible, scalable
and modular multi-function "single box"
EW system, which can also act as a suite
manager where the three main functions
(threat awareness, surveillance and jamming) are executed by a single set of processors. This makes for a lighter and less
power-hungry system, which is suited to
helicopters. In addition, Virgilius fuses
the data from different on-board sensors,
including radar, ESM and missile warning,
as well as information datalinked from
other platforms. In addition to the dualturret DIRCM configuration with Airbus
DS MILDS MWS, the HH-101A DAS is also
expected to include a Selex ES RALM 01/
V2 laser warning system flare dispenser
from MES.
The demanding missions accomplished
by the HH-101A together with the lessons
learned during the 2011 operations in
Libya, which was characterized by a range
of RF threats, have highlighted the need
for equipping these platforms with RF
countermeasures. The Italian Air Force is
therefore looking to introduce a full DAS
suite as soon as available thanks to an
ad-hoc procurement and integration contract and later retrofit to early delivered
platforms. The RF jammer is expected to
be based on Elettronica's solid state DRFM
jammer technology.

Operations in Afghanistan and previously in Iraq showed the importance of
modern transport and utility helicopter
fleets capable of operating in demanding
environments. This experience underscored the utility of Europe's investment
in NH Industries' NH-90 helicopter. In
service with, or on order for, 16 countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium,
Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain,
Greece, Norway, Sweden and Finland, the
NH-90 is in production in two basic versions - a tactical transport helicopter
(TTH), which can carry up to 20 fully
equipped troops, and the NATO Frigate
Helicopter (NFH) for anti-surface and
anti-submarine warfare operations.
Following a new-platform troubleshooting learning curve, the expanding international fleet of today totals
more than 190 helicopters delivered
and another 339 on order. Italian Army
Aviation has been operating NH-90 TTHs
(followed by German Army Aviation) in
Afghanistan since September 2012. These
helicopters demonstrated high availability and versatility, conducting a variety
of missions including fire and special
forces support with sniper teams. The
TTH version comes in a basic configuration equipped with an integrated EW
suite that comprises the Threat Warning
Equipment (TWE) subsystem, combining
a Thales radar warning receiver (RWR), a
Airbus DS laser warner (replaced by Selex
ES RALM 01/V2 on Italian TTHs), and a
Thales system processing unit, which also
manages the Airbus DS AAR-60 MILDS
missile warner and MBDA ELIPS-NH or
previous SAPHIR-M countermeasures dispenser system.
Other customers, including Sweden
and Spain, opted for a different EW suite
including national industry-provided
systems. The Swedish Armed Forces
Helicopter Wing received the first of


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