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The Journal of Electronic Defense | June 2016


Regional electronic warfare (EW) issues, particularly Russian activities in
Eastern Ukraine and in Syria, were major themes at the 2016 EW Europe Conference in Rotterdam last month.
Air Cdre Madelein Spit, Assistant
Director - Joint Air Power Competence Centre & Air Force Armaments
Group Chair, NATO, delivered the opening keynote address and spoke about
many of the EW trends that are driving
NATO today. Among these drivers, Air
Commodore Spit explained that Russia's deployment of an S-400 Triumf
surface-to-air missile system to northern Syria in late 2015 was a significant
wake-up call for the Alliance. She said
that Russia may have deployed the
S-400, which has an estimated engagement range of 400 km (250 miles), in
part to send a message that it could
threaten NATO aircraft in southern
Turkey and Cyprus from its air base
in northern Syria. The S-400 was deployed immediately after a Turkish Air
Force F-16 shot down a Russian Su-24
that had violated Turkish air space.
She said that S-400 systems represent
a true anti-area/access-denial capability. Other S-400 systems are currently
deployed in Crimea and, more significantly for NATO, in Kaliningrad Oblast,
where it can engage NATO aircraft deep
into Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.
Mark Threadgold, Principal Engineer, Electromagnetic Protection Group,
Platform Systems Division - Dstl Porton
Down, also highlighted the influence
that A2AD threats are having within
NATO. He explained the new challenges
posed by new integrated air defense
networks that rely on ISR aircraft and
maritime radars in addition to traditional ground based elements. He also
said that surveillance radars now operate at frequencies at, and even below,

100 MHz and can detect aircraft at ranges up to 1,000 km. At these frequencies
and ranges, NATO aircraft will be very
challenged to detect these types of radars, he said.
As the team leader of NATO's MACE
RF EW trials, Threadgold also told the
audience that NATO is taking a fresh
look at its suppression of enemy air
defenses (SEAD) mission area. This includes a new NATO SEAD vision paper

that is to be published this month,
and NATO SEAD and airborne electronic attack (AEA) roadmaps that are
currently being developed by member
nations. The alliance's goal, he said,
is to field a NATO SEAD capability by
2030 in which 50 percent of the assets
are contributed by Canada and European members. NATO currently relies
on the US for most of its SEAD capability. - J. Knowles

Saab is working to develop a Modified Enhanced Air Scoop (MEAS) designed to improve the dispersion of
BOL chaff and infrared countermeasures dispensed from UK Royal Air Force
(RAF) Typhoon fighters.
The MEAS embodiment forms part of
the wider Typhoon Phase 2 Enhancement
(P2E) upgrade package, which is intended to deliver new deep-attack (Storm
Shadow) and beyond-visual-range, airto-air (Meteor) missile capabilities. P2E
will provide Typhoon with an enhanced
swing-role capability when it replaces
the Tornado GR.4 in RAF service in 2019.
A SEK5 million (US$621,000) solesource contract, covering the delivery
of 20 MEAS items, was awarded to Saab
by the UK Ministry of Defence's (MOD's)
Fast Air Support Team (FAST) in late
March. Justifying a non-competitive
award on technical grounds, the MOD
stated: "This is because as a dependency
to the [P2E] program the UK is responsible for delivering a fully operationally
effective MEAS, in the deployment of
both BOL chaff and BOL infrared, and all
airworthiness evidence."
To support trials activities, the MOD
had previously contracted Saab for the
delivery of test hardware, airworthiness
and structural integrity advice in sup-

port of a BAE Systems clearance to fit
these pre-production MEAS assets onto
Typhoon aircraft. "In their role as the
key supplier of all Typhoon BOL chaff
dispenser equipment, and using wind
tunnel test data and complex mathematical modelling, Saab provided an airworthiness clearance against the MEAS
for the full flight spectrum including
missile firings," said the MOD. "Once the
UK had conducted flight trials and proven the viability of this new Saab design,
the complete airworthiness pack and a
supporting UK statement was delivered
to NETMA [the NATO Eurofighter and
Tornado Management Agency] in support of the formal qualification and certification activities required in support
of the P2E programme."
The Saab-developed MEAS technical
solution being embodied as part of P2E
is a modification of the current Eurofighter-cleared BOL scoop, redesigned
so as to improve dispersion. The production MEAS will be produced for Cobham
Mission Systems (as design authority
for the Eurofighter Typhoon's defensive
chaff and flare systems). The MOD confirmed to JED that the UK "is clearing
the MEAS for trials under a National
Clearance pending their formal embodiment under P2E." - R. Scott a


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