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that connecting these businesses with each other and various agencies within the military, private industry, and intelligence sectors can accelerate technological advances and
increase the quality of intelligence that we are able to secure
from available signals.
As Kinga has attended AOC meetings over the years, she has
seen many missed opportunities for information sharing that
could reduce research spending and expanded information collection. By fostering collaboration over pure competition, we
can see beyond our silos of specialty and begin building a tradition of circulating information beyond the usual networking
opportunities at our annual gatherings.
AOC has been generous to allow her company to offer
this message during AOC presentations, and now she would
like to do more than talk about the gaps in information.
Instead of waiting for someone else to fix the problem,
Kinga would like to start creating strategies that can benefit all AOC members.

Bob Lindseth

The Journal of Electronic Defense | June 2016


Bob is "Leader of the Convention
Volunteers." He is an Electronic
Warfare Professional with decades
of service in the focused portals of
intelligence, EW, Cyber Operations
and information activities.
The highlight of Bob's recent
work for the AOC is being the leader of the great volunteers who support the AOC Convention. Over the
past three years, the volunteers from all the clubs, roosts and
nests have had an opportunity to see the AOC Convention from
the inside by participating in every aspect of operations. Beyond that, Bob's work has been concentrated in government,
academe and the corporate worlds. His lectures in academe include instructing officers at DIA's National Intelligence University (NIU), providing students with the knowledge and tools
to ascertain the nature of information and emitter threats and
methods to develop plans for regime change in hostile countries. Colonel Lindseth's military assignments include both
field operations and Pentagon assignments. When serving on
the Joint Staff (JCS/J2) as Deputy Director for Intelligence and
Commander of the Task Force at Site-R, he led the National Security Team to successfully complete one of the most complex
challenges ever undertaken by the United States. Other EW
activities included Air Force Electronic Warfare Analyst and
Chief of the ELINT Desk in the NMJIC.
Colonel Lindseth holds a BGS Degree from the University
of Nebraska, (Omaha) and MA from St. Mary's University of
Texas. He is a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon, the Economics Honorary Society, The Military Officers Association of
America plus many others. Bob is currently the past president
of the Capitol Club. His awards include the Department of
Defense Legion of Merit, The EW Professional of the year and
the Col Anton D. "Tony" Brees Lifetime Electronic Warfare
Service Award.

Greg Patschke
Col Greg "Patch" Patschke, USAF
(Ret.), has 26 years in the EW field.
He brings a unique perspective,
having worked on EW efforts for
each service. During his 25 years
in the Air Force as a career electronic warfare officer, he contributed to EW in multiple capacities:
EW operations as a B-52 EWO, test
and evaluation of EW systems,
commander of the 36th Electronic Warfare Squadron, combatant command EW planner, USAF EW Requirements on the Air
Staff, and lastly, as a Brigade EWO for the Army during Operation Enduring Freedom. Before he retired, he held the position of the Director, Joint Electromagnetic Preparedness For
Advanced Combat (JEPAC), US Strategic Command. This joint
EW unit was responsible for the advancement of EW by conducting operational assessments to determine vulnerabilities/
capability gaps, developing mitigation strategies, validating
the solution, and then migrating the solution to a service or
combatant command. In this capacity, he engaged EW experts
within government, academia and industry to solve the tough
EW issues.
He is currently a senior program manager at Lockheed Martin's Advanced Technology laboratories, responsible for Lockheed's spectrum protection and denial research area. In this
role he was able to lead the last phase of DARPA's Behavioral
Learning for Adaptive EW (BLADE) program by developing and
successfully testing a cognitive EW system to defeat adaptive
threats. Greg is an active AOC symposium presenter and received the 2015 AOC Executive Manager of the Year - Government Award, as well as the 2014 AOC Integrated Product Team
of the Year Award.

Marv Potts
Marv is a firm believer of the
AOC mission and is eager to help
shape the Association into the future while maintaining the Association's rich tradition and history.
He has been an active member of the AOC for over 26 years,
having served on the Kittyhawk
Chapter Board of Directors, international symposium technical
session chair, Kittyhawk Week Planning Committee, and the
Kittyhawk Chapter website developer. He has been recognized
at the national AOC level with induction into the technology
Hall of Fame and is the past winner of multiple national and
chapter awards.
Marv is currently the Senior Advisor for Spectrum Warfare
at the Air Force Research Laboratory and an internationally
recognized EW expert. He served on the recently completed
Defense Science Board study that outlined many recommendations, including the formation of the EW Executive Committee.


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