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Marv is the Air Force member of the EW Community of Interest
(EW COI) Steering Group and the US national lead, EW Systems,
of The Technical Cooperation Program, an international science and technology panel. Marv's background and experience
provide him with a unique perspective of the future of EW,
cyber operations and cognitive capabilities. These advanced
capabilities will have a direct impact on the future of the AOC,
its mission and its membership. Marv would be a valuable asset
as member of the AOC board.

Mark Schallheim

Paul Vavra
Paul would bring an interesting
breadth of experience to the AOC
Paul completed US Air Force basic training at 16, then served 25
years as both an airman and officer. His primary career field was
as an RC-135 EWO, but his career
encompassed both manned and unmanned ISR operations, command

of a joint reconnaissance center, director of intelligence, and
service as a Foreign Area Officer. After his Air Force career, he
served as a senior business development manager for BAE Systems and was responsible for myriad US and international programs, including manned/unmanned ISR, electronic combat /
electronic warfare systems and support and test equipment. He
retired from BAE Systems in 2015 and served as an independent
EW and unmanned systems consultant, US Air Force Academy
admissions officer, and volunteer for First Robotics. Paul has
just assumed a new role as Business Development Executive at
DRS Technologies, responsible for next generation  electronic
warfare range systems. He has a special interest in STEM programs and is constantly looking for innovative ways to grow
the next generations of Old Crows. He has flown more than 260
combat/combat support/operational reconnaissance missions
in the RC-135U/V/W and EP-3E.

Muddy Watters
Muddy views the AOC as an organization that is here to serve
its members via education, representation, and inclusion. The
Board of Directors serves and
represents the membership and
the President's role is to: provide
strong leadership to, and for, the
organization; provide a vision for
the organization; support to the
members and chapters; challenge, and inspire, the Board to
architect and implement the changes and actions required
to make the AOC a respected partner and leader in the EW,
Cyber, EMSO and IO communities. Muddy was instrumental in
standing up the STEM program at the 2015 AOC International
Symposium, and was the Conference Chairman for the highly
successful Electromagnetic Spectrum Maneuver Conference
held in conjunction with MAG-14 in October, he was also the
main driver on the Board of Directors to expand the constitution to include spectrum and cyber. Muddy believes the AOC
needs to provide members communication and awareness of
what is occurring in our stated mission areas in the Services,
OSD, OGAs, COCOMs, on the Hill and in industry, and that the
AOC needs to take advantage of the expertise that resides
in our chapters and membership. Muddy has a demonstrated
record of providing the leadership, representation, and vision
to the AOC to continue to grow the organization and improve
the services provided to the membership, the chapters and
our sponsors.

The Journal of Electronic Defense | June 2016

Mark was first involved in the
AOC over 30 years ago. He is passionate about EW and specifically
about supporting the evolution
from traditional EW to Joint EMS
and Cyber Operations. His background is in naval airborne electronic attack (EA-6B and EA-18G).
As the AEA IPT Lead, Avionics
Chief Engineer at Point Mugu, and
NAVAIR EMS Dominance CHENG, he was in a pivotal role developing evolutionary EW capabilities and concepts. Mark has a
BSEE, an MSEE and an MBA.
Mark is currently serving as Conference Committee Chairman on the AOC Board and is a member of the International
Advisory Committee. He will help AOC expand advocacy, professional development, networking and collaboration to increase EMS maneuverability (as DOD awakens to this need).
One part of this goal is to expand our ability to network
across Service and international boundaries, as well as academia and industry (S&T to operational). Conferences are
tools that he plans to continuously improve in terms of relevance and accessibility. In the past two years, Mark has donated hundreds of hours of his time in support of conference
planning and management, and if elected he will continue
to do so. Another of his goals is to support our ability to
dynamically manage usage and reactions within the EMS environment (spatial and temporal). AOC is positioned to help
industry and government system engineers reach across the
larger communities of interest in developing EMSO protocols
and standards.
Mark was a chapter president / chapter past president for 11
years. He will diligently support chapter involvement in AOC.

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