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Election Guide

Harvey believes your AOC director should represent the
members and manage their needs both now and for the future, be a domestic and international leader who listens to,
understands and answers the question, "What's in It for the
Membership?" Directors should analyze the what/who/when/
where/why with quantified goal metrics to make the right
things happen, adds value to our Association by using thorough analysis to minimize "No Action - Talk Only" diversions,
and supports the return to a strong educational foundation to
prevent individual career and business stagnation.

Brian Hinkley

The Journal of Electronic Defense | June 2017


If elected, Brian will be committed to serving AOC membership.
Having been At-Large Director for
three years, Brian has tremendous
appreciation for the opportunity to
serve on behalf of the AOC individual members, and he continues to be
motivated to voice your concerns.
Through his Board experience,
he thoroughly understands the ByLaws, OPMANs, policies and personalities of the AOC Board of
Directors, the Executive Committee and the Board of Governors,
and he is full-up-round, well-versed in the AOC process and is
prepared to represent the interests of membership across the
country. He feels fortunate to enjoy a strong rapport with the
existing Board members and membership across the country, and
has been able to successfully pull the team together in continuing support of ethics reform, Awards Committee refinements and
Membership Committee initiatives over the past three years.
As a naval aviator from the EA community, Brian is confident that he can bring US Navy EW/EMS and EMW expertise
and perspective to the Board. He believes the AOC needs stronger Navy, Marine Corps and Army presence to ensure that the
International AOC is best prepared to promote the tactical and
operational warfighting interests of all Services. As a bornand-raised EW professional, Brian continues to stay current in
the community and related communities and has seen firsthand that EW, done right, saves lives.

Amanda Kammier
Amanda first became involved
in the AOC after her active duty
service. She was a Prowler ECMO,
serving in the US Navy a little
under nine years and doing two
tours in Afghanistan. As a junior
industry member, she noticed
there were, and still are, only a
few younger Crows. Her goal in
serving as a Director at Large is to
continue her service on the Board as a voice of the younger
Crows, getting the next generation of electronic warfighters
interested in AOC. She believes the AOC is their community,
their trade association, and potentially their only voice on

the Hill. She cares about this organization and what it can
mean to the warfighter, because she believes it is their voice
to educate the Hill, to bring forward their concerns and to
celebrate their warfighters' excellence in combat and in nextgeneration development.
For the past three years, she has served as an At-Large
member of the Board of Directors, where she aims to bring forward concerns of the young Crows. Her main responsibilities
have been to lead the Communications Committee, and she has
been honored to serve in this capacity as it facilitates messaging how the AOC is working to support its members. She hopes
to continue to serve as a member of the Board to continue to
message the value we bring to the members and the chapters.
Before that, she supported the AOC with convention and
symposium planning, serving on the awards committee, filming the Show Daily and serving as a member of the Board of
She would like to continue to serve as a member of the
Board of Directors, to continue to be an advocate for EW, and
to be a representative of the younger Crows around the world.

Kenneth P. Parks
CAPT Kenneth "Kilo" Parks, USN
(Ret.) brings more than 26 years of
military operational experience to
the AOC. He has served in the EW/
Cyber arena at the highest levels of
leadership since 1977. Ken is currently a Senior Manager in the EW
industry and is working or leading numerous business development EW programs, including ALQ
214 aircraft self-protection as part of the F-18C/D/E/F IDECM
(Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasures) system.
Kilo has led three EW/IO military commands of increasing responsibilities: Commanding Officer, Electronic Attack Squadron
139; Commanding Officer, Electronic Attack Squadron 129; and
Commanding Officer, Fleet Information Warfare Center. He has
worked numerous EW/Cyber issues at the OPNAV level, as well as
the SYSCOM and TYCOM levels.
In addition to his military awards, Ken has been awarded:
Instructor of the Year for the EA-6B Fleet Replacement Squadron (1983), Tailhooker of the Year and Top Hook (Top Recruiter)
for the Tailhook Association (1998), and the Col Anton Brees
Lifetime Achievement (2011) and the Stanley B. Hall Award
(2015) from the AOC. In 2016, Ken received the "Key to the
City" from Gretna, Louisiana.  The Key was in recognition for
his dedicated service to his hometown and country.  Kilo has
previously worked with the AOC National Board of Director's,
and as the AOC Treasurer, in addition to his Tidewater Chapter
affiliation, which includes increasing membership and focusing attention on EW/IO issues. Additionally, he is working to
broaden the view of the Electromagnetic Spectrum and specifically EW within the various Services in the EW community.
Recognition through awards is one of many of his efforts that
comprise his goals. If elected, he will work to increase Awards


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